I swear I'm trying. Need help CRASH CRASH CRASH :'(

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [Crash Crash Crash Crash Crash Crash Crash Crash Crash Crash Crash Crash Crash Crash Crash Crash Crash Crash
Region: [SA]

Has anyone solved the problem yet? the game crashes all the time … what company is this? to months with the same problem … does anyone know how to mitigate this?

  1. Be specific. Was the crash at launching?
  2. They need to first recreate that crash to see if it’s a bug or something else
  3. They first fix the most critical and most seen bugs/Glitches (Maybe your crash is a very specific one) They don’t have a big team to find all that and they need to priorities!

I’m feel you and know how it feels but with time they will find that problem (The only problem I had was crashes in the vulcano area and they fixed it)

And a other Question do your Xbox have this Problem only with Conan Exiles or other games too?

  1. My game crashed periodically while playing. It has gotten to the point where I travel with a buddy to ensure I don’t lose any items. They will watch my body while i reload. The crash always takes me back to the dashboard. I crash in the jungle. I crash in the desert. I crash during night. I crash during the day. It has improved but it is still guaranteed one to two times a night. I crash with and without equipment on. With little happening onscreen and with a lot. It does not seem to make a difference.

Game can load up alright though.

  1. I do not know how to recreate the crash other than simply playing the game. After each crash I load the single player and then launch my online.

  2. This is the only game I crash on out of my entire library.

This game has been crashing for me, at random times, every few hours. This problem has started in the past 2 or 3 days.

If you crash:

  1. Go into singleplayer, make sure you press “offline game”
  2. Run around for a minute or so
  3. Exit to main menu, and try to join multiplayer session
  4. If the problems persist, repeat steps 1-3
    This also works for me, and my fellow clan mates. Would suggest giving this a try, if it works for you spread the word.

This should would especially if you’re crashing every 5-10 seconds within loging into a multiplayer server. If you’re crashing constantly when you launch the game, then you may need yo reinstall.

The single-player fix worked for me after I began experiencing this bug today for the first time. But I wonder why does it work?

Wow. I have been having this issue since day 1. It’s actually gotten worse as they release patches. Was having the issue exceptionally bad tonight and ran across this thread. Worked like a charm.

Shame on you Funcom for releasing a game with this glaring of a bug.
Just because it seems I have a workaround now, doesn’t get you off the hook. Fix your product already.

sad thing, to this day close to 18gb of patches and its still not fixed…

That does not fix the problem for me. I still randomly DC. I can usually load a game and be good for 30ish minutes when I do this but then I’ll disconnect. I’m working with an xbox support staff member to get a refund right now.

Cant even get into singleplayer… game crashes when the loading bar gets stuck at 99%. the last seven times i tried to start my game that is…

I play on xbox, and have experienced the odd crash now and again in the past. However since the patch today my game is unplayable, crashes after a min or so of play.

I would reinstall the game that helped a friend on mine who was constantly crashing after a major update