I think last attribute should be strong

Strength should give rage as Barbadian were as long taking damage or giving damage u can’t die.

Agility armor durability becomes your health pool

Vitality second chance gain 50% of your heath back.

Accuracy I was thinking they need remove hp bars and shorten render and 5th thing puts it back so u can be tracker.

Encumbrance keep as is.

Grit stam follows your thirst and hunger

Survival you never be thirsty or hungry or hot and cold. You can breath toxic air as fresh air.

So if I read that right you want the fifth perk in strength to make fights go on forever, because everyone would take that and it would be the new meta.

I agree accuracy needs a rework, especially that stupid bouncy arrow second perk.
But as an archer who actually bothers to aim and thinks the target lock is ridiculous.
The 5th perk of +50% head shot damage is actually useful.

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