Merge Agi+Acc and Enc+Survival

Think about it, makes sense?

Well, not really.

Agility is the movement of your body, to help with the armor you wear.
Accuracy is related to your vision, allowing you to hit your target more easily.

They are largely two separate things, not really related at all.

Similarly with Encumbrance and Survival. If Encumbrance were going to be merged with anything, it would have to be Strength.

Since Encumbrance is basically a function of your strength and what you can carry.

Survival isn’t about what you can carry. It’s about your resilience. Your capability to eat raw meat if necessary to survive.
Your knowledge that lets you harvest more resources.
Your experience with skinning and butchering for animals.

To be honest, the Antidote perk seems more like it belongs in the Strength category, same as Bronzed Physique. They just don’t seem to fit with what Survival is all about.

A merger would require a lot of reworking of the system. If you just dumped perks from two together, you get a lot of imbalance because they become more worthwhile to obtain.

Similarly if you just got certain perks out entirely, there is imbalance. Strength and Encumbrance were kept separate so one could focus on combat related stuff, and the other has other strength-related perks.

Grit + Encumbrance
Agility + Accuracy

Survival nobody really needs. Sure you can gather a little faster, but gathering time is not a big issue.
Agi + Acc is really needed. Each is far too weak on it’s own to be worth spending many points.
Grit and Encumbrance just seem natural together - but si does Str. Str is too important on it’s own, so adding anything to Str would be over powered.

Maybe if they reworked the entire system to separate it, somewhat.

Stick the attributes on their own. 10 points in an attribute earns you 1 perk point to spend on any perks you like.

Rearrange the perks into a series of trees. Stick related perks along paths connecting.

You then spend your perk points just like feat points. You start at the base level weakest perks. Buying one enables a slightly stronger perk along that path. Maybe interconnect some paths where a perk could overlap into two areas.

Rather than them just being a straight line setup as they are now.

For example, Slice and Dice is a strength-based, because it’s related to melee damage. It’s a 3rd tier perk.

The argument could be made that it is also related to Agility, because light attacks and agile movements are often very similar.

So you could start on the Agility trunk, and once you reach the third tier, there could be a branch from Cat-Like Reflexes that touches Effortless Leap and Slice and Dice both. So you could purchase one or both of them, at one perk point apiece.

You could ignore getting Thuggery or Salting the Wound, in this way. The first is more related to brute strength anyways.

Similarly, Impervious in the Vitality trunk, could be linked to Survival, so you could start up Survival and go into Vitality for Impervious.

In this way, the perks get some intertwined connections, and spending your attribute points becomes a lot different.

You could choose to spend many points in Encumbrance for the carry weight. But with those 5 perk points, you could chose some non-Encumbrance perks.

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I understand, I just suggested the merge of those because of uselfulness, since agi and acc could work together.

I agree 100%

That would be nice, reminds me of GW2 perk system.

I set this up in yED Graph Editor just now. I’ve got arrows linking from one tree into others, to points I think somewhat tie into the first tree.

There are heavy ties between Survival and Vitality, because they seem to fit best together. The top yellow of each tree is meant to be available at any time. Lower ones are meant to only be available after you purchase a higher block linking to it.

Encumbrance beside Strength, because they go well together. Agility after Strength, because some fighting styles are agility based. Grit after Agility because stamina + agile movements goes together.
Then Vitality, because stamina and health.
Then Survival, because health and survival, obviously.

Accuracy is odd-man out, because it doesn’t really fit with any of them, aside from Agility. But the others all fit much better in that order.

Raw goes into Trick Shot, because surviving and learning to hunt with a ranged weapon.
Butcher into Crevice, because butchering teaches anatomy, which lets you pick weak spots (close to armor penetration).


Interesting, I really would like to see the perks reworked in a way that could be more than one to choose each 10 points in an attribute line. Some of them are kinda useless like the ricochet shot.

Yeah, that would be nice.

Like in Mass Effect. Pick one of two perks when you reach the level. To offer more customization.

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