I think we need new admin and rules

Sounds about right… I would add that there is at least some evidence of Admins acting on bases which were not the subject of some reporting. So either *while they were at it…" sort of thing or the occasional fly-over check…

And where do you think your “healthy enviroment” comes from? Air and love? The new Tos that makes everything even worse? YES, even worse!

Do you really think that people like to be bullied around by a company that lacks competence to fix their own game so it can be enjoyed by everyone equally? Do you think all the abuse and toxity comes from nothing and will simply stop just because of some senseless rules? Tos gets completly ignored by most people, because people see the company in responsibility. And even a ban will not change their minds, because they feel in the right and actually are right. If all the crap bs that is pilling up for years would have been fixed, we didn´t had all the problems we have. We wouldn´t need to have the same conversations again and again. Stop blaming the gamers for playing a game the way its possible. Blame Funcom for letting the sh.t hit the fence. They are the once that are responsible for the mess and now hidding behind a third party program as if it was none of their business. If they would have done their job right we wouldn´t sitting here today throwing each other against the wall.

Yes I agree, enough is enough. Its time for Funcom to get the adult pants on and take responsibility for the mess they have caused. If they want a “healthy community” then they need to work towards that by fixing their game and not forcing a tos so people get even more toxic. I said it many times now. There is no easy way out of this. No tos in this world is fixing the game or the community for them.


OK, let’s analyze that statement for just one moment. Who is at fault here.
1.) The game was released with the ability to build in a way to block a dungeon entrance. I agree, that is funcom’s fault.
2.) A player build specifically to block said dungeon in order to prevent other people on the server from gaining access to that dungeon so only their clan can access it. That is where you are 100% wrong. That is the fault of the player who build there. They built that for one reason and one reason only, to deny anyone else from gaining access to part of the game which they paid for.

I am sure you have heard of the saying “two wrongs do not make a right”, yeah exactly. Just because #1 was wrong does not excuse #2 from being wrong.

So, now that Funcom is actually taking steps to wipe bases which engages in such behavior YOU are here crying about how unfair it is for Funcom to do so. And that is where you are wrong.

Please, NO! Do not do that garbage. It is very clearly and explicitly stated to be against the TOS so if you get your base deleted because of if you have no one to cry to about that but yourself.

Well, see here I do agree with you. I think it should be a base wipe BUT not a ban. I could see a ban if the base was wiped do to something like undermeshing maybe? But foundation spamming and excessive lagging, a wipe is sufficient.


My washing machine is broken, I cannot laundry in 90 C my white armor, can I borrow yours :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. I am tired, I quit here.

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You did very well. I don’t report either, I make conversations and if I don’t find solution then I play in another server. For me gaming must be fun, so this is my solution, I have accounts to different servers so if something is bothering me in one I can have fun in another. Gaming is my hobby, I don’t make it a problem, I already have a lot, real problems, I play to escape from problems and people.
I wish you will gather what you need and hit them as a train, good luck and have fun m8 :+1:t6:


If you are having issues with losing builds due to adverse action, you can read the rules and policies to see where you might have went wrong:

And if you feel like you have been wrongly banned or suspended, you can use this to appeal:


Airing dirty laundry on one another never seems to work out well. Best to use the resources that have been provided.


Thank you, good post! :slight_smile:


Over the last two weekends I have seen dozens of new pve-c servers pop up on ps4 have not checked pve or pvp this could be the future. Over 900 days now on last wipe that would have been giving the game out for free on psn. Not saying it was a bad thing just caused us some issues.

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depends on the size :wink:

in a lot of cases the wording of the guidelines won’t help them, neither will zendesk.
At the 2nd time it happened to me, I still to this day don’t know why and neither the guidelines nor zendesk provided an answer. I didn’t whine here in the forums about it, swallowed the hard pill and moved on, trying to keep to the guidelines by guesswork, building smaller, further away from obelisks, putting up less placeables in the hope of being within the rules now.
But it seems Funcom has changed their approach since, deleting bases without handing out bans, which definitly is a step in the right direction.
I would wish for either clearer formulation of the rules or a warning system with a grace period.


Yeah that’s harder than most think the way building works for instance the jungle has rain and much denser vegetation where desert has the sandstorm now build the same base in both areas well desert would only have for most sandstorm so less lag where jungle has a lot more of everything really thus the base would have to be smaller due to extra effects thus one area allows bigger base other smaller not by much but still we’re would most build……. The desert. I don’t thinks I’m terms of rules anything can give or help prevent these issues. I might settle for a indicator in game that say that the area you are in is reaching the threshold of games/server performance of building and continuing to add additional content may start to effect performance for your server if you continue it could lead to disciplinary action being taken you been warn. That might be better to put a indication toolthat warns or helps players get a decent build without blowing up the lag meter into Pluto. That would be funny :laughing: I’m a sense


They need admins who actually know what they’re doing, I’ve had clans banned for land claims, one clan I reported for the memes and guess what happened? They got base wiped off 6000 and their base wasn’t even bad compared to some that are still standing.

Here is an example of one of those bases that is still standing despite the absolutely absurd land claiming, what you see in the picture is only part one, they have land claims through the mountains, land claims in the water, a giant bridge as well and land claims stretching to as far as they can go towards the accursed camp and the surrounding area. I won’t name and shame but one of the players in the clan claimed they had friends at funcom who said it was okay.

I’ve seen people banned for less than this but somehow this is still allowed to exist? Reporting people has become the new meta on PvP servers and the rules need to be explained in much more detail, it needs more clarity to say what is acceptable and what isn’t, vague rules benefit no one.


I have some friends that are reporting everything that comes their way on official servers.
From false hack-lag switch claims to building spam.
They are banning a lot of people and winning the wars by doing this.
I think this is a shame. This game is very good. But Saddly i’ve quitted from it some monthes ago and this issue seems to be worst than before.

Maybe Funcom is trying to wipe the officials to reduce some costs… I really don’t know.
But to be honest, i’m playing new world at the moment and even amazon being a much bigger company, they make this kind of things quite obtém.


Perhaps Funcom should take more severe action on false reporting, then. This would cut down the amount of reports sent purely out of spite or anger, letting the admins to focus on the actual problems. It would further discourage people from trying to have admins fight their PvP battles for them if they risked getting banned for false reporting.

In many legal systems, falsely accusing someone of a crime is a punishable offense. The same principle should apply here, too.


Legal systems only apply to public institutions. They’ve decided to run their own servers as they see fit. Its now a fact of life for anyone playing on said servers.

At this point you all know how Funcom stands. They’ve locked and delisted many threads on this subject. This one will probably join them. If you continue to play on their servers then you all are telling them “I agree with your rules and their method of enforcement.”

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Sorry, I should’ve been clearer. I wasn’t saying that the principles of a public legal system should apply to Funcom servers - I was making a suggestion that they should change their server rules to follow a similar principle.

And yes, if you play on Funcom’s official servers, then you’re bound to follow Funcom server rules and methods of enforcement. I’m not disputing that. But I’m saying that the rules should be made as unambiguous and easily understandable as possible, or people are going to feel they’re being treated unfairly when said enforcement strikes them.

(As I’m sure most of you know, I’m purely a Single-Player, so I’m kinda a neutral party in this discussion. I will gain no personal advantage, no matter which way things develop.)


Personally I prefer a ruleset that is more clear. Hence one of the many reasons I don’t play on officials. But I understand why they are kept vague.

For example, lets say they went full draconian. You can only use say… 500 building pieces. Well I could totally ruin someone’s day with less than 2% of that. So you’d still need a rule saying you can’t just put down pieces with the purpose of landclaim. And if someone does that, and gets banned. They’ll yammer on about how they only had a 300 piece base and how they’re perfect little saints. They already do this.

In fact I’m pretty sure with 500 pieces I could cause server degradation with certain techniques. And because of that fact is why we have a rule against that very thing. But its called ‘too vague’. Its pretty simple, if you build enough to enclose your things and some protective measures. You’re probably fine.

Otherwise the servers would be empty of buildings, which obviously they’re not.

I miss the days when we saw a big base and thought, we’re gonna smash that to pieces.

Now it’s " ha noobs we’re gonna report u " it’s a sad state of affairs my dude, Funcom will have to address it eventually especially once more PvE and PvE-C players start getting their bases deleted and bans issued.


I know for a fact, because my neighbor has terrible spam covering a pretty large area, that is just sandstone blocks running across the map, but has never been banned or destroyed, because nobody has reported them.
I certainly wont report them.
And save your “its your duty” blah blah blah. It is my choice.


I don’t think its a players responsibility honestly to report people any more than its necessary for admins to moderate all servers. You’re just playing the game and if it bugs you so much you feel the need to report it, you could, but that doesnt mean you have to. Youre just trying to play the game.