I ve found a super secret place

I want it to be named Super KittyPaws circle of doom
it doesn’t let me upload images so i put this:
i.imgur. com/GYvbvkO.jpg

Cool you glitched yourself out of tortage, but more importantly, you run the game on an android device!

There are lots of more hidden spots in the game that you can visit by “exploring” :wink:

There used to be a german explorer post in the old forums that showed several of these places, that was really interesting, even pictures from old, unfinished playfields (not sure how they got into these instances, probably some kind of corrupt GM back then lol) that got removed at some point and are not accessible anymore.

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The OPs link is not working for me.

“Exploring” and showing of pictures of places behind the Archeronian Barrier was allowed in the european and german community and old forum (the old OLD forum pre 2013) - if the pictures were not showing just unfinished, ugly areas, but interesting or funny or even finished places and objects beyond the actuall playfields. There was a dev (forum-)named Zangrief who shared some “secrets” beyond the playfield and even put in some “easteregs” into those areas. I think there is not one playfield in the game were you can not escape. Sadly some of the paths have been closed :rage:

When the forums got merged the US-mods had a little confusion and started to delete those threads, but after (I do not know what happened :slight_smile: )…after whatever happened they were cool with it. I think they just realised that exploring is, or was, the main content for a not so small group of players, and it is free content.

The player who was best known for his exploring was Entenkiller. His thread about exploring in Hyboria got saved and copied from the old old forums by Narhemoth:
Unfortunatly all links in the first post don’t work anymore - but they give a nice overview of all the places Entenkiller and other people found. The thread goes on until the old forum closed, there is mainly one player I remember who took over and keept reporting about his exploring, Samsonite. I do not know if he is still active, and I do not find the option to change pages in the old forum…maybe I am getting blind.

I just saw that Entenkillers homepage of his "Lobby of Explorer) is still up - it is in german, but most names are pretty easy to guess or translate.
Just for clarification: Real exploring (not extracting files) works with running, jumping, riding, using the only object ingame we can place that has a hitbox for help or another toon to push you.
(click “Berichte”)


Kantakwa remove the spaces in the link
I did check EntKiller places but he never reported that circle of blood
i just jump to the left were the lava river is,and i ve found the circle ,secret islands with stuff and also the Tortage Inn floats into the sea
again since im the first i want it to be named after me :smiley_cat:

I wouldn’t say you are the first, I have been there too :wink:

If you got a mount and some speedboosts you can actually jump back into the buildings which lets you enter rooms that you normally can’t enter with certain classes.
And of course, you might get some confused looks from players in the Inn that suddenly see someone coming out of the wall lol

Ooops, did not see the space, thanks.

I have been there, too.

My favorite floating house is in the sea west of the vulkano…you can stand on a rock on a mount, wait for people to enter the room, and jump onto their heads :))) I can not remember atm if it is Tarishas or Bartolomos shop…

Super secret places? I know many :smiley: Below, 3 of them, for example. First on is a panorama of Old Tarantia from Noble District outsides and a second a place behind the race course …with a full furnished house (both in Old Tarantia Map, but you need to cross some spots not blocked by objects or invisible walls and travel a bit). The third one is a place you can reach in game and intended to be reached (with the right items), but many players surely don’t know. It’s in Dragon Spine and Osahar you see near me in the pic is a questgiver too


I remember that old thread too. :slight_smile:
I did a fair bit of exploring back in the day too. Found this like that circle in Tortage, the stuff outside Tarantia, The Sphinx, etc.

Getting off Khemi island back before you could go to the mainland. Seeing the center of Dragonspine around the T5/T6 area before they finished it or opened it up for access.

There is/was so much to be found if you were persistent enough.

I am still here and exploring… :slightly_smiling_face:

Just scroll down to the end of page and then go to the next page.

BTW: all my posts together with pictures can still be found at the old explorer thread from page 15 on.
(sorry I cannot post links atm because I seem to be a new user LOL)

@ the mods: how do you regard exploring? Would it be allowed to open a new exploring thread?

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there is a large open area behind OT nobles if you know how to get there to :wink:

Enter commons > with few tricks go to OT > noble > and you can get top of iron tower :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can even find that little scenery that was used in the show “The Big Bang Theory” where Howard and Penny talked to each other at the end of the episode. It’s outside the Tarantia Noble district if you follow the path that would lead you into one of the gates.

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