"Secret" Game Mechanics and Features

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JUST A HEADS UP: There will probably be SPOILERS in this thread.

I have over 1000 hours of playtime in this game, yet I am still discovering mechanics and features that aren’t obvious or hinted at within the game. For instance, it was recently brought to my attention that you can get plant seeds from putting plants in the dryer. So, you can have sustainable farming without having to go out and gather plants and their seeds when you run out. That’s HUGE!

I’d like to know more of these “secrets”. Please share your discoveries of things in the game that weren’t apparent to you or that you stumbled upon during your adventures. It could be anything from a rare item drop, the location of a recipe or the function of something that isn’t obvious.


Probably for some, the bread recipe. Leavening agent seeds and fiber in the furnace. I often hear this is news to people.


If you put a tier 3 or 4 Taskmaster into the Torturer’s Workbench then you gain access to the Chain Bindings recipe. These babies have over 4k durability points. You can drag thralls from one side of the map to the other twice before having to repair.


IF you have the feat for greater wheel of pain. That has lead to confusion on my servers.


You know how smelting steel bars requires 5 iron bars and 1 steelfire? Well, there’s a way around it if you have a T3 blacksmith (or better) and an improved or garrison blacksmith bench:

  • Turn 1 iron bar into 1 iron reinforcement.
  • Turn 1 iron reinforcement and 1 steelfire into 1 steel reinforcement.
  • Turn 1 steel reinforcement into 1 steel bar.

On the plus side, you save a lot of resources and farming. On the other hand, it’s slooooooooow.


After 35 years of nonstop play, I learned that if you eat the items labeled “food”, your health bar doesn’t start emptying and killing you. Never knew this, I just lived with the death timer. Spread the word


When I watch streams with people making steel from stacks of iron and steelfire in a forge, it pains me.


oh, but should we spoil secret of the disjunction?

this is the first i’ve heard of the secret of the disjunction

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As long as it’s not “if you climb the Tower of the Bats, activate the portals, and jump through the one in the middle, you get transported to the disjunction chamber in the Temple of the Frost”. Because I’ve heard that one, and it’s about as hilarious and true as answering “what’s the key to dismount?” with “Alt+F4” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EDIT: For those of you who aren’t old farts like me and didn’t get the Alt+F4 reference, the above is a “joke” some people tell newbies to get them to jump off and die. As for Alt+F4, it’ll close your window.


There are portals to activate? Does this have to do with that broken Triumverate Staff?

They’re not really portals, i.e. they won’t actually transport you anywhere. I edited my post to make it clear.

I tend to run around with a lot with er… unacceptably high levels of corruption (I like wandering far from base and can’t be bothered getting rid of it). I’ve learned some stuff, don’t know how secret it is but I’ll share it.

If you’re wearing hallowed armour you get corrupted much more slowly. Particularly Yog armour because it gives you bonus Survival. Oh btw Survival also slows corruption gain. I was running around testing a Survival 40 build and was barely corrupted when normally I would have been severely so.

This needs further testing but some gear seems to make you more vulnerable to corruption. I’m pretty sure the Ancient weapons and shield do. I seem to get it much quicker if I’m using them. Interesting because the in-game info says they whisper maddeningly to you.


if u wear champions pants it slowly removes corruption!


Is there a secret way to dye champion’s armor?


I did not, but sounds right the alley I was confounding

Besides dancers and entertainers of course, you can also clear your corruption by eating a Hero’s Heart IIRC.

If you have the recipe and 5 Power Fragments you can turn them into a Power Tablet or something. Using that will give you 60 Feat Points - if you used the 5 Power Stones individually you only get 50. I either forgot how or something cuz I can’t seem to get it to work in Siptah - at least not on the test serve anyway. :confused:

In places where your character can stand downhill from small resources you can use tools on them to harvest for more then just picking them up by hand.

Works with mushrooms and scythe,
Gold, Silver, and other mineral “small rocks”,

If you’re not using your animal pens for growing adults you can leave any form of adult Sand Reaper in them and they will produce Ichor. Turn all the rotten flesh into ichor while you do other things. From 3 animal pens I get about 250~300 Ichor in 8 to 10 hours - online or off. That’s with only one Queen in of the 15 total. I guess if they were all 15 Queens it would be about three or four times that - very close to 1,000 ichor in 8 to 10 hours (2000 ~ 3000 ichor per day).


You can craft a Tablet of Power out of 5 Fragments of Power. Consuming it will give you 60 feat points, whereas consuming 5 Fragments of Power would give you 50 feat points.

However, you can only craft Tablets of Power if you have the recipe, which you get from a scroll. In Exiled Lands, that scroll is obtained randomly inside the Library of Esoteric Artifacts in the Unnamed City (where the Archivist is). On Siptah, I would imagine it’s inside the Tower.

You can also do it by timing the tool swing and the crouch just right. Press the left mouse button to start the animation and then quickly press crouch.

Here’s another useful tip: if you need raw ash, the best way to get it is by using a cleaver on obsidian nodes in the volcano.


Ah, it’s 5… k, edited…

Yeah I’ve heard that, but haven’t tried it. You can also make the cleansing brew which you get from a recipe book in the mounds of the dead. Four of them seems to get rid of Heavy Corruption no problem. They’re fiddly to make but none of the ingredients are rare. Just aloe, water, plant fibre and yellow lotus.