I want to know why the offline function was removed and i want to know when i'm getting access to the game i purchased back

topic says it all

Was there ever an offline function in the first place? I always have to wait to be connected before I can play in single player mode, and I never play on a multiplayer server of any kind.

yes in fact there was both with and without a mod. it was removed in 2020 and acknowledged by the devs. and yet i am still denied access to the product i purchased.

Still there, wasnt removed. Sorry.


I just launched Steam in offline mode with my network turned off and was not able to continue or create a new single player game.

Something changed because I used to be able to do this (it’s been a while)

The message below is what I get when the game launches offline. I can press OK and select either continue or new game for single player/coop but the same message pops up again.

The game can be played offline just fine, I was playing it last weekend without being connected to the internet.

@Lucidique but that’s because of Steam only, the game still wants to run online (and it acts as if it was online - I made a report about it, because eough is enough).
In-game TRUE offline mode does not exist in the game I think.

From my tests starting about 16 months ago:

  • You can run the dedicated server completely 100% offline.
  • The client (in ALL modes) needs to phone home at least initially.
  • Once the client phone’s home (if for example connecting to a LAN based server) it no longer talks over the internet - only the intranet. However if the client machine loses connection (like you unplug the cable) it will error out after a few seconds. Plugging the cable back in will allow the client to continue. All the time zero internet packets were sent to or from the client over the internet.

So from this I assume the client initially phone7s home and then occasionally checks just to see if the internet is accessible - my guess is by checking the status of some services as zero packets are sent or received.

That is not true. Offline mode for singleplayer with no internet connection was added in patch 2.3:


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