I was today years old when

I learned that the one skull exile wanderers can be thralled. Tried it during a purge and was surprised.

On a side note I was bummed the starved exile purge wasn’t just exiles. I had more nords and blackhand pirates than I did exiles after the first 2 waves. Was it like this before the last update?

I also had only gotten one “purge” thrall and it was from the blackhand. The rest were nord crafters and one skull exile fighters that you can get outside of the purge.

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I had a purge just about a mile up the beach from the Dregs last night , 6 waves if I remember right was suppose to be a starved exiles, seems like thralls from all over in it to me. In one wave there were even skellies. but I did manage to get a bunch of purge thralls from it. So they are there its luck or maybe it depends on what part of the area you build in. Some I had never seen or heard of had to go to the wiki to look up. Below are the ones I managed to get and my thralls killed a couple.

Grennel the Piercing Storm - archer
Takfor Detdu - Archer
Rakh Irontooth - black smith
Filetooth - figher
Parkel Torched-Bottom - Smelter
Gizzard-Gnasher - Cook

So they are there its just a matter of getting lucky I feel least it seems that way to me.

Yeah I’m sure you’re right. I just don’t like how the 2 exile faction purges have a mixed bag of other factions where as a pirate purge is nothing but pirates, heirs of the north are all vanir nords, etc.

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