My favorite purge so far

My favorite purge so far is the Desperate Exiles purge, so much variety for future thralls, especially the named ones, its a shame i keep killing them, im mostly testing right now :slight_smile:


May I ask how/where you built? What kind of people did you see? Any video, PS4 shares etc? :smiley:

Hi Barnes, there was all of the clan types in that purge, Kushi te, shemite, Dafari, Cimmerian, ect. there were to named thralls just in the first wave, 1st that i killed was a girl kush ite,2nd was man Cimmerian, sorry i didn’t have time to check names. i’ll try to explain where my location is, standing on the steps of Deathwhisper Ruins where the girl gives emote for blow kiss, turn around facing away from the building there is a giant tree in a short distance from u thats where i always make my main base, for some reason it wont let me reply,it says i cant say Kush ite

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I’m jealous. Lost track of how long my purge bar has been full. Haven’t had one yet.

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Hi, if its possible for you, try to set minimum players online to 0 in the purge settings :wink:

Thanks for the tip but it’s a public XBox server. Out of my hands unfortunately.

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Well, no worries the devs are workin on it, should be a fix soon :wink:

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