Inside base purges?

My Rant and question;

Are purges suppose to happen inside a locked base? They didn’t even touch anything outside.

So I finally got my purge on official PVE server after being maxed for the last week. Wish I never had. It came unexpectedly.

Moved all my Thralls and Greater pets outside ready for it to come.

A “Patrol” of the Accursed instead spawned inside my 5 story base which is completely behind doors.
Least to say dying a few times. Lost some really good Thralls / Pets.
I pretty much lost 85% of what I’ve collected and built since Siptah Launch.
I am not very happy. I was just getting set to run a Leyshrine purge. Lost all my greater, lesser, etc.
It’s like starting all over. ■■■■

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This has been happening for along time on ps4. Have a group of yetis spawning inside your bedroom or frost giants. I think they are working on it.

Ah yes, interior base purge spawns, the kind of rowdy, uninvited house guests that raid your fridge and trash the place. Theoretically only happens if there’s no direct path into your base.

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Purges have been appearing in bases ever since Day 1 - be prepared.

Give the devs another couple of years. They’ll get there eventually with fixing this :sweat_smile:

I have to admit. I’ve been day one player.
I’ve never had my base internally purged before.
Just sad I lost everything since launch.

Lol. No. But I do expect my locked up house to be purge free and not full of ghosts!

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