I went back to Exiled Lands after months in Siptah and I noticed one huge change: Aloe

Somewhere between me switching maps there was this big healing system change where aloe became your #1 source of healing instead of food. It was no problem for me, since aloe is ubiquitous in the Isle of Siptah. However, when I returned to the Exiled Lands I couldn’t help but notice a striking shortage of aloe. It’s there, but you have to spend hours traveling to and from the newbie areas where it grows late in the game, when it’s missing from the high level areas. Even growing it in pots doesn’t seem to satisfy my demands. Maybe you should consider adding some new nodes in high level areas. Thanks!

a travel to dregs and following the river up t the 1st branch that enters the map and folloing it all the way to sinkhole is more than 6k aloe leaves… it is done in about 20-25 mins
how much u need and why?


Hell. There is a spot that you can get 1000s of aloe in a small area just north of Tarmans camp. I usually grab it when I do a run for armor in the cave there or checking for the yog priest nearby.


Trade Star Metal for it to the newbies.

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It would be nice to see aloe in jungle for example. Still aloe, glass, unnamed city and witch doctor are really good reasons to travel from north or jungle to other lands. I believe that the way things grow and exist in exiles land @Taemien is very right, it gives the sence that a trade system is on the way, it just have some years delay :wink:.

I hope they fix the gardening soon, they should produce seeds like in nature.


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