Can You drop ALOE or any Aloe Extract from mobs / chests? (EXILED LANDS)

Can You loot aloe or seeds or maybe even aloe extract from human npc or maybe from chest in camps?

Im asking cause im trying to to NO FARMING playtrough on pvp server (Looting only human in camps or raiding people / killing them)
Problem i have so far is that im in huge disadvantage in pvp due to lack of aloe extracts and i was wondering if there’s way to loot few from npc - if someone happen to drop one let me know (:

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Not that I am aware of.
Maybe a couple aloe leaves from some random chests? But not enough to go and brew potions.
You can always try to loot Infused Wraps - Official Conan Exiles Wiki from The Tortured King - Official Conan Exiles Wiki.

Good hunting!


Thank You for an answer!

Unfortunatelly i can’t harvest any bodies so can’t go for tortured king besides wraps / bandages no gonna be very viable in combat :smiley:

Even couple aloe leaves from chest would be helpful - having atleast 1 potion would be enough to win one encounter! :slight_smile:


Kudos on your commitment!
It seems like a real challenge.
Wraps, aloe leaves, they all seem really random and rare to me.
I am sorry, I cannot help you with that.

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Magnificent! I would like to understand however the goal of this playthrough!
Unfortunately, harvesting aloe leaves from chests or npcs is rng based. Your most chances to find aloe leaves in chests and npcs is Den! The chests there are full of consumables among, iron, hyena armor pieces and occasionally aloe leaves :confused:. This drop is so rare that makes your playthrough really difficult since your only way for healing is rough bandages! But Den is definitely the place you’ll find the most. I wish there was an alchemy merchant to give you healing potions for gold or aloe leaves for silver. If i had this opportunity, trust me, my whole challenges would be totally only looting! More difficult places with aloe leaves are the Nordeim camps, again rng and not more than a couple leaves.
Same with the mount of dead…
But, since you are playing pvp, i can suggest you something else if you may, that may works…
If your lvl is good enough go to volcano. The emissary there, the one skull human boss drops demon fire orbs, not always but it’s a common drop from these ladies. They hit hard, they always have 3 more to help them, so it’s a really tough fight that may not end up well, but if rng helps you’ll take some demon fire orbs. You definitely need a shield if you don’t have potions with you, it has at least one archer and these fellows up there shoot really hard. It’s really difficult to cheese this fight, but not impossible to be done. If you grind some emissary fights up there, you’ll possibly gain enough demon fire orbs to raid a wooden door for some aloe leaves and the rest will just follow :wink:. If you’ll take a thrall with you in the volcano, the loot from the npcs up there is really good and the emissary fight piece of cake.

Edit. Try the dogs of the desert on the “hand” and close to Savanah, they drop aloe leaves too.


Thank You, definitelly gonna try grab some fire orbs :smiley:

I found out that aloe leaves drops from den and also from chest from Sepermeru wchich can come handy!

It’s acutally easy to get most of resorces by looting npcs in camps or just looting chests, problem is there’s not always players around to kill and to get some loot but so far i have a lot of fun - won many fights and lose few too :slight_smile:

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Had a bit of fun but something always have to remind me in how bad state this game is…

So much buggy it is but also there’s no servers to play.
Official servers are full of cheaters but state of Private servers seems even WORSE - most populated servers (including one that i play on) have CASH SHOP and some very restrictive rules that makes whole gameplay too synthetic and boring. Yes CASH SHOP in sandbox survival pvp game.

Im lacking words to describe my dissapointment. So good game with so much potential…


Unless the private servers you’ve seen have something else going on, the built-in cash shop offers only cosmetic items. So it’s not like you can win by throwing money at your display.

If the private servers have their own system of selling in-game items with real-world currency, I believe that’s a violation of the terms of service. In-game content remains the property of Funcom, so selling that sounds illegal - you’re not allowed to sell things you don’t own in most countries.


Im not talking about built in cash shop…

In discord cash shop (many servers doing that for long time now)

This just spreads like cancer, so many populated EU / US servers do that…

You say it may be violation of TOS?


Just speculation…
A lot of people may have banned because of the items they had in possession and not by violation of building rules!
Just a speculation…

I knew people in private pvp PlayStation servers that had statues as big as colossal…

I knew people that had thralls in official pve servers that they shouldn’t have…

I read here once about the bazzar of the bastard sword that had crazy dmg…

Not once or twice i accept friendship requests from people i never knew and their reason for this friendship request was to sell me something… Ofcurce i told them to f… Off and blocked them.

Then again, like you said, some admins were “selling” things with real money… Ofcurce recreate character, bye bye, block.

It’s an adult world and remember… We didn’t have Zendesk! Now we do. Since Zendesk arrived i have zero incidents zero! So when i read about the age before Zendesk, how good it was i laugh so f… g hard that my stomach aches.
It’s very unfortunate that this outlaw market still exists, very unfortunate. I don’t know the power of Zendesk in private servers, but i surely have seen total wipes of privates before Zendesk!
These people try, we must help!
Why i didn’t speak all this time?
I had no evidence. I was going so upset that i was deleting everything and like i said in the beginning, we didn’t had an effective mechanism back then, now we do and we must provide feedback to make it better. Because these people abuse the rights of Funcom property to make money!

Now back to the topic…
Don’t loose faith brother exile @Wielder. If you wish i can give you a decent challenge even in pve c servers or pve…
I guarantee you, you will enjoy it like nothing else…
Please keep the spirit high!


Like I said - according to the Conan Exiles End User Licence Agreement, we purchase a licence to play the game. We, the players, do not own a copy of the game or any of its contents.

So if we don’t own the stuff in the game, how can we sell it? Aren’t we in fact selling someone else’s property?

I haven’t followed the discussions in recent years, but “real world trading” has been a serious problem in various MMOs for probably as long as there have been MMOs, and game companies tend to frown upon it.

Of course, as long as they keep it in private servers, it may be hard to act upon. Funcom can’t ban people from private servers. So they’d probably have to take the matter into court, which isn’t cost-effective.


I got You but won’t they try to justify it as some grey area - 'its donation bro, we sell only time…" or some other riddiculous excuse to justify that?

Im gonna report it to zendesk and IM NOT DOING IT do grief server or i want harm to it and be closed but i hope funcom does something about it cause THAT NEEDS TO STOP.

Yeah it would be hard to act on it but maybe they could ban them entirely from servers so they can’t actually have players on it. Not sure how it works.

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This can be droppeed from frost giants, nordheimers and cimemrians pretty frequently.
And they drop feasts (hearty, lasting, cimmerian, pork) and rhino head soup and those are one off the best healer foods.



This place has lots of chests and even the npcs drop aloe leaves, so place your bets on Den and you’ll get what you need!

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