Suggestions in mind

I feel like the new map can hold the current 40 slots but the old one should be 60 it’s a way bigger map therefore should hold more people. The new map should be more for small groups of clans and solos imo.
They should continue to update and add to the old map as a lot of us still like it a lot more.
I do like the idea of the animations with bandages and aloe but to only use aloe as a single healing is horrid . Make the aloe a super heal but haunch herbal should be able to heal you a decent amount maybe not as fast?
From what I can tell the new crafting tables are a tad to big maybe they can make some of them smaller lmao …
Also I suggest the devs go into a official server with their team and try for themselves. Try to build up farm and fight. Maybe experiencing their own game themselves can help with their own problems cause it seems like they don’t do any of that
And maybe making the game free for a month on consoles it’s very very very dead on them

I wish they do same graphic improvements to Lands of Exile just like they did for Siptah. Siptah looks far more better looking than LoE.

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