I would like to

I would like to add a complaint button. When 3 people complain about one player, the administrator had to go to the server and see what was the matter.

Official servers don’t have moderators, so I assume you’re talking about a private server. I’m not sure if a mod already exists for that purpose. Maybe it can be done with Pippi?

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Has to? How can you force an admin to do anything? It might be a way to show bad behavior, but it can still be ignored.

So easy to abuse … These admins will be very busy lol

Even with a complaint button, an admin would still need to check records to verify what happened.
I wouldn’t take any action without proof, and no good admin would either.

As this is a private server issue, maybe a request on the pippi mod page would get better results.

all this is right and good. without evidence no fault. but they also understand me. I am not a prosecutor. I’m a player. why should I spend a lot of time gathering evidence. I have no authority. I need to have time to see the nickname above the attacker’s head, have time to shoot a video with the violation itself and not die. and you need to do this from another account, so as not to incur the wrath of a scammer. it’s difficult.

Because that’s how our legal system works. Unless it’s a criminal case where law enforcement agencies such a police and the prosecutor’s office conduct investigations, the task of proving your case is on you.

Think about it this way: someone doesn’t like you, so they report you for inappropriate behavior. Should you be forced to prove that you’ve behaved well and done nothing wrong?

Server administrators are not detectives. They don’t get paid to investigate complaints about other players. Unless the accused party is clearly in violation of terms of conduct (such as walling off the entire starting region), there’s little in the way of evidence a server admin can get on their own.


I think everyone is misunderstanding each other.

  • This is a private server matter, official servers do not have administrators.

  • Asking Funcom to add something that would only benefit a Private Server is pointless, they leave these things up to Mod authors.

  • Asking the Mod author of Pippi a Mod made specifically for Private Server Administrators might get some result

  • The Administrator is the one I said should investigate an Issue, the player need only tell the Admin via Button or otherwise.

Suggest Here for a report player button.
Then Ask your Server Administrator to use Pippi, If they aren’t already.

Good Luck with your Private Server.
This Suggestion forum isn’t the droid you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

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official server. I am collecting resources now. so after you transfer them to your left character with a different account and with different mail, come to the scam base. them to 2. I will blow up their base, they will kill me. I will make a video in violation. I will post a complaint to the forum. they can be banned for 1 month. one of them. will need to come again and blow up. until they get the game lock forever. they just piss me off. they are noobs, and this gave them such power. I think that online on the server because of them fell

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I think this feature would be easily abused.

at this point we can stop the discussion or suggestion. officials servers did not have admins / game masters or other admin staff. such a button will end nowhere. you can click and click and click and no one will response or react because… no admins on official servers and funcom stated multiple times that the officials will never have admins or game masters.

if you want a server with admin support you have to find a private server (with other problems, I know)

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but I won’t write anything, it’s useless. just no one asks you. you are not responsible for what. therefore you have no interest. or a small salary that no one else goes to such a job. but without bans, without a tough policy in this direction, all this is garbage. I won’t be silent, ban, but I will not be silent.
when the Chinese kill slaves on AIDS, why should I keep quiet, I wasted time pumping them. I paid money for the game. and no feedback. it’s still dangerous to write negative messages, they can punish me for my money. normally settled down, we’ll not cut loot for anything. people were appointed to the post of admins, let them write letters to the players.

We are having trouble communicating.
the message is being lost in translation.


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