[Idea/Spoiler] A new tree will be born

An idea that I have for a long time is that a new tree will be born. As can be seen everywhere, the staining is full of roots. So why not, the more the Dreamers wake up, the more the filth being to form a tree.

Explanation. By Lilith It has been learned that every awakening the dreamers destroy the world. But right now it’s weird. A human, John, has joined them, they understand life what it is and want to create one. So they use Gaia’s life as a scaffolding but also create one with their dreams. They want to imitate Gaia, to destroy it and create their own worlds. Players have a choice to make: Gaia or the Dreamers. Our choices determine that. But the day that the dreamrers will be developed enough I’ll see some portals that will open as for the Agartha but towards the “moon”. Players who have chosen the other side will always work with their factions but play a double role. In addition I sometimes imagine a vision that gets cloudy for the character with a path of dreamer in the head that tells him to continue as he does.

If I’m not mistaken, unless it was a flashback, John uses a filthy bee on us to review everything we’ve done.

The Anima tree and the Anti-anima tree, that’s what I’d see. It’s just something I had in mind and I wanted to share.


Hmmm…have you been to visit Dark Agartha? Maybe you would share some stock market tips. :wink: