Unending Twigs, Trees, Branches and Lost Custodians


Is this poor wretch and husk of a custodian been left to wander the “unending twigs” of Agartha’s lower, empty branches, still with his inbuilt mechanic to point at a certain location because he’s pointing to outside of the map.

Also, how do we get to the branch that comes off from round the back of the original tree? The map says it’s called Portal? But we can’t get to it.


I think he’s pointing to the lore that you cannot see anymore because you picked it up.


To non-veterans : she/he means legend.


Maybe put a spoiler on that one

No. Lore.


I think a more important question would be, is your Character not wearing pants in that photo? And if not, how and why?

Because, just putting it out there, it could, maybe, explain all the pointing…


I’ll have you know those leggings are painted on, i worked hard for that figure.
snap snap honey



You are mistaken.


Get out of my hair.
They are called legends and don’t need your blessing to be called as such.
It’s canon in the help section, your protest is invalid.


And that’s why The Horned God section is labeled

Discuss lore and story,


Just trop trying.