Idea: The Dragon Forge

This is an idea for a new type of Forge that would let us craft obsidian outside of the Volcano…

Two possible variants on the idea…

Dragon Head Forge: Using Dark sorcery and the re-animated head of a dragon you are able to construct a magical forge that uses dragon fire to forge your metal.

Dragon Forge: Step one, you find a dragon egg. Step Two you hatch the Dragon Egg. Step Three you raise the Dragon to adulthood(This step could take a while), Step 5 you construct a forge to place your adult Dragon in, where it will spend the rest of its life providing heat to smelt your metal with… (As a cost of keeping such a forge you actually do have to feed your Dragon to keep it from starving to death… Basically it’s always on but you can keep your dragon fed with meat, wood, coal, oil, human flesh, severed arms/legs, human hearts, hero hearts… Basic idea is you have to keep the fires always burning or you will need to replace your dragon.)


Sounds like to much work for me. I would sooner just travel to the volcano.

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A re-animated dragon’s head sounds like way too much magic for Conan.

Raising a dragon as a pet thing just seems like a hassle and not worth it either.

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Good point. I play on pve official but have not run into that problem yet. Hopefully i never do. Although I made everything I need and just use repair kits. It would be bad for new players though if someone decided to block it off.

I like the latter variant. Its assembly provides a decent challenge. Maintenance phase needs to be polished though. It feels a bit generic. Throw a bit more personality to it, would you? :smile:

The obsidian objects are sht, not worth it or go to the volcano.

What would you suggest then for “Maintenance phase”?

@Minnion That’s a cool suggestion. I will post this to the Modder I-emerge from Glasconstructions and I will ask him if he would fulfill your wish. I myself like variant 1.

Dismantling bench and a nice cimmerian camp enslave thralls T1-3 break them, take there stuff break it down and just kill the thrall or enlist them with more clubs, station them outside of the camp areas and lead unsuspecting victims and have them do the work. To be honest it’s my understanding that star metal is best and it’s a easier way than doing all this. I enslaved my self a nice number and gained a large amount of stuff to break down and then craft in to the star metal stuff I need rather than there supplied items and sometimes they die and drop the weapon anyway. Either way. Bet you didn’t know the dismantling bench is the best thing ever?

Lol probably just castrated myself in fighting back against people using this method lol! Don’t spread it around :rofl:

Maybe you could get a dragon heart, make some dragonpowder, some Obsidian, a dragon head, and then you create a Dragon Forge.
It’d be like a Trebuchet with stairs leading to the top of the head so could dump stuff in to smelt. What’d you think?

To keep the dragon alive, one needs to be defended as well. If it can’t be stolen, it must be killed - says an enemy to a hireling. So maybe the defense part could be extended by something interesting.

What if the place where the dragon is willing to come to has to be something interesting to them. Special foundations for example. When placed, the dragon sits on it. Depending from the size of the dragon, the area would have to match it.

The food could be something flavourful for a dragon to like. Maybe food with salt on them or specific type of meat or those odd looking green eggs or glowing goop or some rocks even. Everything else would keep the dragon in place for far too short time for the forge to work properly. Feed them properly and they will never wander off the foundation.

What if you could have two dragons and mate them to produce dragon eggs. Then you could provide for these until they break and reveal the dragons inside. Provide the younglings and they take up the forge after their parents are gone.

Its easier to farm legendary items from bosses, then deal with the volcano and the kill happy mobs that attack you. Plus, its only good for collection gear. Seriously its easy to farm repairs for lower level tools. It would be nice to get a named Thrall that could smelt them though!

So maybe you need corrupted stone and obsidian to make regular red dragons happy…
Corrupted stone and black ice to make the ice dragon version of the dragon forge/pen…

This could also give us a use for thralls we don’t want/need anymore… (Feeding unwanted thralls to dragons anyone?)


I am totally for a thrall trash can. Right now I have to lead them to their deaths at bosses or walk them through volcano.

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