Ideas to increase battles

  1. Legendary armor and weapons are bound to players. Cannot be looted in any circumstances. These items are kept on death. Legendary items ONLY.
    Why? Keep part time players coming back to the game. A pure fast pace fighter style game play.

  2. Crom God has a tiny alter. Only 1 Crom alter per clan. Creates a tiny bubble of protection without a thrall. 6x6x6 max! No chest can be placed inside this tiny bubble.
    Why? Keeps part time players coming back. Attracts millions of players who don’t give a ■■■■ about making castles. “6x6 hut will do, I just want to kill and kill again.” …that type of players.

  3. No such thing as “keep ALL loot on death”.
    Why? It ruins the game, go to the resource, get your mats then kill yourself. Build base with no doors or access point? Ridiculous. Never interact or fight anyone or anything ever? Even more ridiculous.

  4. Rebrand the game. Is not just a survival game. It’s also fighters game, almost rpg if you wanted to, options to play it however the way you wanted. All genre is viable on this game except for the genre of suck. If you make this game a purely survival game then you are only going to get those niche players.
    Why? Funcom want more players? Want to make more money? Don’t let this game die. If it dies, it’s because you messed up. Think outside the “survival” box. Yes you…Funcom marketing team.

While I agree keeping legendary weapons could be a incentive to not leave server when you are raided, there will be others that will cry they can’t loot everything. Its a very delicate matter.

Free god bubble I dont think is a good idea, if they dont want base destruction, go for pvp-c.

Keep all loot is a server setting, no point suggesting to remove it.

The final idea about marketing I think is great, its more than just a survival game for sure. Its way morr evolved than just survival. Mounts launch will be like the second launch Advanced Conan Exiles, if they want.

  1. Like this idea, but possibly make the durability lower, so still have to farm. Not too much, but enough to where you either need to farm legendary repair kits on occasion, or get a new legendary in general.
  2. Interesting idea. Maybe have it be a storage container with 100 slots. 1 per clan is good idea, but maybe 1 per every 3 people in clan. so 3 max. So you can’t loot everything. But the idea of the post is to make it less of a wipe or be wiped PVP, thus bringing in more casual gamers who don’t have 8 hours a day to spend on gaming.
  3. This is only turned on on privates, so not relevant to officials, or your idea really.
  4. Not rebrand, but just follow through with the build, survive, dominate.
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If they made it this way for even just some PVP servers as a trial…people will come.
I love haters who axe any kind of good idea because it doesn’t fit their gameplay style. So weird though because it wouldn’t effect them. They can carry on playing on their server. These ideas would be implemented on separate PVP server. There’s tons that empty…lol like 80% empty servers.

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I agree. There are bases that get refreshed every so often on most dead servers. And they would cry they had their stuff “stolen” by Funcom. But if yo aren’t playing on the server should it even matter they wiped it for some test style PVP servers and try and bring in a different demographic for sustainability? That is the underlying problem you stated above. That most dead servers are really PVE in nature, because only the ones with huge bases log in to refresh and socialize with the other few clans left. PVP should be a revolving server of bases being built and destroyed. But unfortunately the mechanics have allowed them to be servers bullied by player with 4x more time to play than the average casual gamer. thus, casual gamers go play something else if they aren’t in to RP or PVE only styles.

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You are absolutely correct. Attracting more players is a very very good thing.

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this experience is a majority of servers on PS4. Been on multiple, and it always plays out the same. Get offlined or server dies from no raiding at all.

Who said anything about changing entire game. Go ahead and have fun building or doing what your doing. Lots of servers not being use can entertain part time players focusing on killing each other. You carry on. Nothing for you in the battle ground server unless you get bored of building crap and would like to fight people 1vs1, 10vs10. Whatever.

Because these are the voice of potential customers. The context is to increase more players.

That is a very seclusive way of thinking. They may change something, so we don’t want them. What if those same people got improvements done that helped all of us? If we are going with if and buts, then include all the sugar and nuts.