Ideas would love to see

Love the game for that I came across some Ideas that I would love to see.
1- live events weakend, double bonus to harvesting or taming or batter chances of getting greater animals on official or maybe some bosses or creaters only spown on weekend they give some special ingredients or items.
2- ability to cross servers with same character?
3- riding a mount !!!
4- new Item: practice dummy , where you can place it and lock on to it, and practice combos and see how much each weapon make damage.
5- ability to transmog gear in case I like the look of some gear but not its stats , I can use it as a skin to other gears, Cosmetics.
6- ability to recreate character without loosing progress.
7- new item: Armor stand, where you get to place armor on a stand as display and while click on it you swap the armor with the one you are wearing.
8- interacting with tamed animals and thralls, through emotes , wave/ hug / salut / dance / and they react back.
9- more items in feats , extend level cap, more cosmatics more decorations
10- Add items in the game where players can use to creat their own games, like how I use the archer dummy to make archer games with clan.
Thats what I came across in the game I am sure alot of people have thought about the same ideas and maybe people have already suggested them already but hope you find this useful, thank you all

I’ve seen these in some other MMO’s and they tend to generally cause havoc in the community, as everyone tries to frantically prepare for the event weekend so they can maximize their profit during the limited window event. And it sours the people who can’t play during that specific time.

This would be limited to official servers only, as any private or modded server could give player an unfair advantage. Clan memberships may pose a challenge to this idea.

Mods already exist that do this. Funcom’s official stance, as far as I know it, is that players need to know from their opponents’ looks what they’re facing, so no alternate skins for equippable items. Even some other games that do offer alt skins for equipment disable those options for PVP, and I don’t know if it’s a feature that could be added to just the official PVE servers without touching PVP.

A mod does this already, so shouldn’t be impossible to add in the official game too.

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