If I delete my Saga character will I be able to create a new one?

^ Thinking about re-rolling. Is that possible or am I ool?

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I am not 100% sure but I don’t think they changed the character rule set from the last server, you can delete the character and create a new one but you will not be able to recover a deleted character via support if you changed your mind.

Hello Jcash21, Force is correct. You can have one Saga server character per account, and if you delete your existing character then you can create a new one. Any characters deleted from the Saga server can not be restored, though, so please make sure you’re okay with losing any progress you have before deleting.

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Awesome. Thanks alot. One last question, Nossos. Will I be able to transfer strater pack onto the new character or will it be lost?

That will not transfer to a new character, sorry. Purchasing the Starter pack is not account-wide.

Does anyone know if you can change your character’s name in saga of blood?

Yes, but I’m not sure why you would do that given the price.

Lvl 18 takes no time, and assuming you bought the pvp starter pack it’s 360 points vs 1200 points for a name change.

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Right. Makes sense. Thank you.