If we got Sheathed Weapons on mods, why not on base game?

I don’t use mods, but I’ve seem on videos and its quite amazing the weapons on character’s back, even being simple, I don’t know if is the Age of Calamitous mod or another, it seems the 1st and 2nd slot to be displayed.

So, as title question, why did FC still not implement ?


Agreed that it would look cool but probably not going to happen.

Thanks, not native in English :p.

1st and 2nd slot would display only as I described, you just put your shield in another one and would be hidden.

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If those slots are the ones who display the weapons, yes they would. Now food, I dont think so, I know that food is a thing that ppl dont ask to be shown haha.

Since the release ppl ask for this feature, and personally I think it adds a level of immersion that pleases rpg/medieval lovers like myself, FC could add an option to turn it off for ppl who dont want it, but Im sure 90% or more of the community would use it, since it look badass.

Mod is Fashionist. And no, food doesn’t display on your hip when it’s in your hotbar. They it’s not in the vanilla game, priority. Funcom probably talked about it, decided it’s not something they want in the game or they feel other things take higher priority for a variety of reasons. It’s a relatively small feature that would require a lot of work. It’s also yet another thing to worry about that can be taxing on performance, something consoles in particular especially suffer from.

It’s not a highly requested feature either. When Fashionist first made it into a default setting, there was a sudden spike in posts of people being angry that they could see their weapons and wanted to shut it off, not realizing it was from Fashionist being updated (which Fashionist has a toggle to turn it off).

Bottom line, having a feature in a mod isn’t an automatic valid reason for it to be in the game. Having it in a mod merely means it can be done, not that it should be or will be.

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I understand that, but since is a very common and present feature in almost any other game, I felt like asking this question in this thread.

Because priority can vary depending on different point of view, for exemple, I’m pretty sure sheathed weapons would come first for many players, than having a potion/fish to make your penis bigger.

The only part about this argument I’ll agree with is that priority is subjective. Outside of that, completely different code. No where near the same, not even on the same planet. This is kinda a pet peave of mine. Like when somebody get’s angry because there was a translation error fix versus making it so server connections are better. Different teams, different tasks, different schools of game development, different budget costs, different performance costs, different amount of time to develop.

Just to clear something up, I can tell you with certainty that “sheathed weapons” aren’t coming if you are asking for Funcom to make it so that you put your weapon into a scabbard. That was something Funcom debated on trying to do early on during EA but decided not to for a variety of reasons. That part’s been confirmed. Whether or not visible weapons on your hip is coming? I doubt it, but maybe.

The argument that something is common in other games, does not make it it an automatic feature that should be done in this one or all games. Last I checked, you can’t build giant structures with 100 Thralls in World of Worldcraft. Nor is there many Assasin’s Creed style elements. That doesn’t even begin to factor in development cost differences. There has been many a feedback that demanded that Conan Exiles be the quality of Red Dead Redemption 2, despite having a development budget that is around 5% of that of Red Dead (might even be lower if the rumors of the $500 million price tag for Red Dead turns out to be true).

The biggest factor though that I see is the finite amount of performance headroom where you can add features into the game. Some things are going to be more demanding on performance then others. Player and Thrall rendering costs are already high, especially on Consoles. Funcom has done a lot of performance improvements since the EA days, but there is only so much optimization you can do. Adding a sword on the hip increases those performance costs. You factor in that the game needs to render swords on the hip for all the players, plus all the Thralls, plus rendering a multitude of various weapons, weapons that swing around using physics and aren’t static like a building piece, it adds to that performance cost very quickly.

Just to be clear, I love having visible swords and stuff myself. Not that I have any time to play the game anymore these days, but I love what Testerle did with Fashionist and recommend it to just about everybody on the planet. The argument I’m making is the realistic side of development that should be factored into player requests.

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True, they did indeed, I was there from day 1. I understand there are technical issues they face in a lot of areas of development, like mounts for example that I can live without it.

I don’t have knowledge about programming Multigun, so I brought this visible weapons sheated because is something that seems “ simple “ to do, if its not like you say, ok, no big deal, I’ll accept the same way and happly continue playing because I really like this game. The only thing that saddens me, its knowing they sold so many coppies of CE, and they end up using that money for other projects instead of tunning up CE the way it deserves, I know they still working on CE and making it better, thank God, but we clearly saw that the game had waaay less attention from their side, since we dont have newsletter anymore, less communicating (aside from community managers), and lack of roadmap (I dont count dlc, even buying them to help FC).

I, as all the community I guess, only want this game to sky rocket, unfortunately maybe thats too much I suppose.

The Fashionist mod demonstrates pretty well why sheathed weapons are not in the main game: they’re pretty damn hard to make look good. Basically no matter what you’re wearing, the sheathed weapon clips through your clothing graphics, and if you’re wearing nothing at all, the weapon just kind of hangs there, attached to… err, my skin, with glue or something?

Consider how different the various clothes and armor in Conan Exiles are. A Hyrkanian Raider armor would require different attachment points than say, a Zamorian Thief outfit. They’d need to figure out how to make those weapons hang on each type of armor in a natural way. The fashionist mod can get away with shortcuts, and some combinations not looking good, because it’s just a mod. A real deal could not.

Me, I turned off the sheathed weapons feature from the Fashionist mod as soon as I could figure out how. The slight improvement in immersion didn’t make up for the visual problems it had.

I see, I can imagine how difficult is to prevent clipping, even though the majority of players wouldn’t mind that, an option to turn it off would solve this problem for those who dont want it.

Long hairs already clip through the characters body aswell, the Ragnar one, it passes through the entire torso when climbing.

Believe me if Conan Exiles had visible sheathed weapons and they clipped through armour and body models there would be a new forum post every week about what a poor job funcom has done with it … and probably demanding that it be a feature we can turn off.
Age of Conan has bad clipping issues and it used to be complained about regularly on the old forums. It still annoys every time I play a character and the weapon clips through.

Please keep the mods to private servers, along with all the er0tic roleplay.

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