If you could pick 3 things

Obviously, there is always something we all wish we could add, change or remove from the game. If you had to only pick 3 things you could either add, change or remove what would it be?

Just curious what everyone’s opinion is.


I wouldn’t remove a thing.

  1. I would add weapons to be shown on back or hips. There is a mod that does that but I’m playing official so RIP. I love that mod so much after trying it on a private server. It’s next level of immersiveness for me, to see my character with a Poitain great sword on back.
  2. Dyeable buildings.
  3. Animations for eating and drinking. I remeber a game called Gothic where you had like alot of animations to eat all types of foods. Each food had a specific animation for it. Eating an apple or a chicken leg had different animations. That was so satisfying to watch, while your character was getting stuffed. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t an eating game. It was a full fledged RPG with story and combat, npc dialog, stats etc. These details in a video game, make the whole game experience so much more enjoyable.

Best regards.

  1. Make make crafter thralls good locking, whit more variation. Not the same uggly uniform they have. Bring back the old good locking. And/or give them the same level dessing system as combat thralls. And be able to put them on more plaes then the dedicated craftstation.

  2. Keep folowers out off PVP on pve-c servers.

  3. Clan update, when you can have some privat area, a safer way to invigt other players. Make and alianse whit other players aslong as the total nr off playermember is no more then 10. Spec in sipta when you realy need a big clan to play on it.

I’d remove PvP because I don’t participate in it, and balancing around PvP AND PvE on the same ruleset is among the game’s biggest problems.

And yeah, I am obviously joking here, relax PvP dudes, put those axes away. Wha… no… :drop_of_blood: splat! :drop_of_blood:

  • I want Dyable mount saddles
  • I want storms in all the biomes of the Exiled Lands with the new Siptah enemy spawn technology in all of them so sandbeasts for the sandstorm, frost creatures (new) in the snowy areas and jungle monsters in the jungle/swamp
  • I want all the new Siptah demons from the maelstrom to have harvestable heads for mounting purposes! Along with that it would be just normal to include the Vault dungeon cinematic painting as a real placeable painting in my artless castle/cathedral

I want, I want, I WANT!!! :expressionless: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

:metal: :smiling_imp:

  1. Crush your enemies.
  2. See them driven before you.
  3. Hear the lamentation of their women.

Forgive me being greedy jrdsimont, but I have four all up.

I) More Crom features/artifacts. :mountain_snow:

II) A fully funtional Trading system, ie-the ability to both buy and sell items with various merchants.

III) Armor Display Racks/Manequinns

IV) The Mummy of the Ring!!

  1. Fix the lighting, looks horrible ever since the Siptah update, with everything that is bright , like blonde hair glowing like a torch now

  2. Remove idle and stop animations, and remove the thrall sounds that got added later on, no more coughing and moaning

  3. Stop implementing major changes to the gameplay, and fix all the existing bugs instead (Like making T4 workers less valuable, or reducing HP of fighter thralls, players put hours and hours into getting them and with one update they´re basically worthless)

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All of what @Croms_Faithful says (except the last as that may be the drink talking) :smiley:

  1. Add a setting so that Admin-created stuff is flagged Admin and cannot be damaged, but stuff made whilst not-admin can. New settings kind of do this, but not for the Admins specifically.

  2. Have a setting that allows Admins to set up groups of NPCs that will move from A to B to C and attack things in the way - including damage to builds.

  3. Change the graphic and applications of some of the potions, arrows and kits. Then link those with some stick or glowy thing and call it ‘Magick/Sorcery or even sourcery’ to make that meme go away once and for all (although then there will be demands for fireballs…)

A lot more ‘I want’, but it is supposed to be only three…

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I would add:

  1. Settlement system (thralls are more lively in base, guards patrol along walls, pets that pace or sleep or rest near the fireplace, or snack on food left on the table, workers harvest nearby (stone, iron, wood, plants, fishing, etc), merchants travel from base to an assigned city (selling surplus and buying needed goods assigned for them to get), hunters actually go out and hunt animals for skins/meat, with more “idle” animations for conversations or wandering between thralls and stations – like the animation of getting supplies from a nearby chest). I’d also add weavers (rugs, tapestries, and silk garments - non-armor), expand entertainers to include musicians, animal tamers for the animal pens to speed pet crafting, potters (for pottery vessels, plates, and so forth), trappers to hunt small game, fishers (nets and gathering from fish traps), farmers (to grow and harvest crops for food and alchemy).

  2. Domination system. Make the maps “conquest” oriented. Each map would have regions with a regional warlord. Those regions would raise armies to send against one another. The Purge would be an outgrowth of that system. Regional warlords attempt to conquer players (and their bases) to capture his/her thralls, steal resources, and control the map. The player is trying to “survive” in a region that is constantly at war with one another (and has no problem attempting to conquer another, new exile). Thus, these NPC armies would be equipped to lay siege to a player’s base (trebuchets, explosive and gas arrows, tamed pets, arrow carts, ballistas, war chariots, horseback archers, and ladder men) at a ratio superior to what the player has (the player should be outnumbered at least 3 to 1, but moreso at higher level purges). To “win” the player would have to conquer the entire map (not just remove the bracelet) – so if each region was represented by a city (so conquering Sepermeru/Relic Hunters, Black Galleon/Pirates, The Summoning/Darfari, etc). On Siptah, divide them by leyshrines (though much more work would be needed to adapt Siptah).

  3. Dynamic world events with consequences. Set up a chain of events based on the results of an encounter. If the player stops an encounter, it sets off a chain of events or if the player fails to stop an encounter, its sets off a different chain of events. Suppose Relic Hunters decide to raid the Mounds of the Dead. If the Relic Hunters win, the next time a player goes by, it might be filled with Relic Hunters picking through the ‘spoils of war’. Or suppose the Cimmerians repel the attackers. The player might see a war band moving south to counter-attack Sepermeru. Thus, more random events in the world of Conan Exiles to give it “life.”

  4. I know (only three), but there’s a fourth element I’d add. Dynamic map and climate effects. I would add seasonal changes from snowy winters to blooming springs, to sweltering summers, to cool, colorful falls. I would add short, dynamic weather (not constant gloom or rain, but periodic moments). I’d also add serious climatic problems like flooding, mud slides, forest fires, earthquakes (that could swallow animals and players), tornadoes (that could destroy bases), deadly lightning storms, and so forth. I would make the “environment” a hostile enemy to be overcome like a true survival game. And I would give T4 priests the ability to summon, not just avatars, but violent storms as well (lightning or tornado or whatever). I would make base building against the environment something to consider (roofing to protect from lightning, base walls to protect against mud slides, and so forth). And I’d make the map so that you could alter the terrain – dig moats, expand caves, tunnel into an enemy’s base (though that might take a while – including tunneling under a wall to set explosives where archers couldn’t hit). And yes, even allow for players to tunnel through a mountain or carve their base out of a mountainside or sheer off the top of a mountain to place their base.

Basically I would merge the elements of Survival and RPG games with 4x and City Builder games on a first/third person scale. I know, I’m dreaming.


It’s really hard to pick 3 because there’s so many things wrong with the game now. So, I’ll try my best…

1- Give us the option to play offline. Yes- there are people that like to play this game on their own.

2- Stop adding stuff! You apparently won’t keep to your promise of adding magic, and all you do keep adding is utter sh*t. Siptah was fine, but all these useless, pointless additional crafting stations? Get rid of those! They add nothing but a hassle.


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#1, How temperature works across armors… and add tools to said armor to change there values.
I find alot of dlc and non-dlc armors under used just do to fact they have wrong temp on them…

#2 Crafting menu… add a page in main menu, that lets you deselect items. This way crafting menu is de-cluttered. Or even a quick button press that removes all “building styles” So I can make a blasted campfire. (No search on consoles)

#3 Land Claim Flags, cause ya… I’ve posted idea several times. And there fixes don’t do anything to help.
But in general… I miss building in locations we once could…


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