If you guys can't fix purge at the moment, atleast ,,,

Atleast give us in the meantime a server settings to disable NPC teleport which ruins most purge (or forces us into very specific/limited base location and design).

The Purge targetting itself is very bad, it targets weird spot of your builds.

Testing Base : https://i.imgur.com/TVWb1tR.jpg

Purge Targetting : https://i.imgur.com/MV5sOxO.jpg

If I walk on that barricade and an enemy target me, because he can’t reach me he will teleport inside the base after few seconds which is totally stupid.


Teleporting inside, instead of crushing the walls? What a crutch.

I saw a wave of Purge once droped from sky on top of safe. All other waves walked the earth as every decent rocknose should. It was fun to observe, but to think this safe was perfectly accessible from ground. Well, that is why I stopped to build those things and started to keep some melee thralls on a roof of citadel. Just in case.

It can be a slight pain but not terrible, I’ve been purged every week for the past 3 weeks. Scorpions, Mitra zealots, Rocknoses, each time some enemies spawned atop buildings while others walked in from distance to attack walls. It seems to be specific points that are attacked each time, this allows us to adjust our defences accordingly.

It’s terrible on an immersion standpoint.

I kept going with my test after this post and came up with this (garbage) design : https://i.imgur.com/eoPMwPA.jpg

I triggered 2 purges, an humanoids one and a lizards one. No teleport happened there. I could walk on the wall, enemies would target me for couple seconds and then run away after trying and failing to attack me.

I then went with increasing this base size and teleport began happening again.


I totally agree with OP, the teleporting is completely ruining purges. We have a clear path to our base, but because the mobs spawn to far away, their teleport on the top of our base and start destroying everything. They sometimes teleport down and up again, while resetting hp, which makes it impossible to deal with. The crocodile boss (3 skulls) completely destroyed us, because of this. So we had to shut down the server and turn of purge as a fix, which should not be the way.

I really hope you will look at this funcom! I see many player complain about the exact same thing. Atleast adjust the variable for when the enemies teleport or remove the teleport completely (ofc most preferred, since an enemy should never be able to teleport to your base).


“Everything is air-droppable at least once.”
- Maxim 11, “Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries”

The purge actually destroying your base? By Set, this is unheard of.

Good scientific work in purgeology )
Do those mobs teleport inside (under roof) or drop from spawn points above base, as with air-drop scenario? Should we keep security staff on roof or dispersed inside?

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