Teleporting During Purge

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Everywhere

Problem I have seen is during a purge the thralls will randomly teleport inside buildings. Typically they would spawn outside and stay there but since they patch as soon as they reach the building they vanish to a location I. The building - and it’s not consistent as some remain outside. The location can be under a building, on top of a building, but they have teleported to locations inside the mesh which makes finding them difficult .

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. create a purge.
  2. watch as some thralls teleport around.

Hey @Godstar, we’re aware of this purge issue and it’s being looked into by our team.



It happened to me too.
I had my base inThe Crevice at 11G.

Hello Hugo how serious are the devs looking into this one, because it’s a bad issue espically on server #3010 pve and no one on the server logs on for 4days at a time because the issue is that bad. It also happened twice to me and my friend, first time we lost our whole base to rockslide he tp’d into our base and we lost about 4days of progress because of this. It was a genocide and Its just truly awful. Even bases in the wide open, foundations on the ground they just tp in I hope the fix is very soon. Or atleast as soon as possible, giving the circumstances we are all in.

I have a base at Stargazers. Easy access. All purge thralls and beasts start fighting for a few seconds, then warp into my base. Only happened in since the last patch.

This is happening on private gportal server’s and coop game Ps4 2 different servers next to Sinners refuge shows up outside then in the foundations or inside up stairs. Up north during a wolf purge some show up inside base then outside one
star dire wolf’s come out of Mitra temple like a fountain 20 plus it was wild. We died alot along with the thralls. I know this has happened off and on since launch but it seems worse now. Can I feel a patch coming?:camel:

Yesterday we had purge, they would reappear inside the rock/mountain our base is built on

Same issue here.
I think it’s related of player using/abusing foundation instead of walls to surround their camp.
I build a new base using walls instead, and when purge occurs here I have no purge teleport, the mob normally attacks the wall in order to try and destroy those before entering base.

Sorry but you are wrong 100% because a base with a floor of foundations and then walls around it is how we built it and they teleport in. It’s 100% it’s a glitch and a very game breaking one at that. It needs fixed asap.

Only reported my experience and guessing.
So we build the same way but experiencing differently. Maybe it will happen to me again.

Hope they will fix then. For sure it breaks some game mechanics like having useless walls :slight_smile:

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Hello @Hugo since I have been asking if this emergency patch is also fixing the seriously bad purge issue plaguing all ps4 players if it isn’t getting fixed with this update which I doubt it is. Anychance of having a chat with the dev team and asking them to disable it for now on official servers, so we the players have nothing to worry about and can continue playing without issue until a fix is out.

Regards - weedelbhoy1

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