Purge Teleport - annoying beyond belief

Game mode: [Online & Single Player
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I can see a lot of people still get this, on a hosted server the purges were teleporting from the other side of the valley (a long long way away) to the top of my friends tower and ended up having to put all the thralls there… which was pointless for defences.

On server 3033, same thing happened up near meteor drops (also meteors destroy my base on occasions) they teleport to the highest building and destroy the way down… palisades can work both ways as it also prevents close contact as they destroy the block they are standing on and then work down into the base.

This has become tedious as I thought it was a bug on my server, but obviously not, any idea if this is going to be resolved?

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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It is happening more often. I have some easy to reach bases part of purge teleporting inside home while being attacked out side. Yeti,s inside not house trained. Npc hyenas

Myself a quite a few players on my server are having this issue, my clan mate was attacking the purge npc outside our base when they vanished, inwount them in one of our towers this happened every time he attacked them outside the base, another person from the server had the same issue where they disappeared from outside the base and ended up inside they also experienced multiple waves of purge far more than we usually get? And the admin had a mad purge where they never regrouped but all of the waves spawned at once they were lucky they had god mode otherwise they would’ve lost the map room due to how many npc there were

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Running my own server. My wife was on and didn’t feel like doing the purge forgot she was not in her offline game we came back later to find giant snakes laying around dead some sticking out of buildings. Thralls did there job . Had 1 scull dire wolf’s coming out of a Mitra shrine like a fountain during a wave.

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