Fix for the teleporting purge bug

Hi fellow gamers.

I found a good fix for the teleporting purge

  • build your main building.
  • Build a wall around your main building but make sure your main building is in a corner, NOT the center.
  • The teleporting purges will usually teleport in the center of your base, so within the walls, but outside your main building
  • put a crap-ton of archers on the walls an a few good fighter thralls inside the walls
  • You stay on the wall and use healing arrows to heal your fighters
  • In between waves, harvest the corpses

I know this is cheesy, but as long as the purge is bugged, I’ve found this to be the best way to survive with as little damage as possible.


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I just posted this on another thread here, which is another workaround that I found that works for me.


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