If you guys create a new map... hopefully with have many khitai elements

Like maybe another island, that has pandas and bamboo you can use to make basic housing… that kinda stuff. Mostly elements from china, Vietnam.


Exile lands have space I believe , we need them there , with an obelisk so we can teleport :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They won’t add anything to exiled lands anymore. Better it be a new map… but that something we won’t see until next next year probably…

I see more possibilities for a mod than a new map . If you know how to fix a mod start working :wink:

The Sapphire Exiles map has a large bamboo forest with plenty of crouching tigers (sorry no pandas). It’s just north of all the rice paddies.

The idea :bulb: is cool. Recently, there has been a lot of mention of adding a boats, and the developers respond :love_letter: that they could do it on the completely new map. If this location (china, Vietnam) could contain many rivers, the idea has a better chance of being added to the game. :+1:

I especially miss the desert on the Island of Siptah… on the next map boats + desert might not work (no water), unfortunately. :cactus:

I’m not a big fan of mods but thanks for the suggestion.

yes good idea…

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Currently your correct as it would have performance issues and there wouldn’t be a place for dungeon doors to be but as always you never know they might find a way like mounts if they keep all the optimizations going :crossed_fingers:t2:

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