Ignore Stability Loss


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Where in the single player can I find the option “ignore Stability loss” ?

Is it at the admin panel or server settings of the single player?

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Yeah, it’s in admin panel. However, the game SORTA does this already in single player currently. It’s a bug that leaves the stability at 100 if at least one foundation or pillar is holding it. Pretty annoying actually, since I plan my official server builds offline first. My latest build was a treehouse, but I was forced to go simple in design, since I couldn’t figure out where the proper stabilization was.

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The stability has bugs at the moment , bases which I build dissapear after a few days and all my items thralls are just floating, I understand how annoying this is as hours spent are just wasted. FUNCOM just replied to look for old saves which I do not think is the right approach to have for their customers . Quite happy to take your money but not interested in fixing problems. Heres a couple of pictures

I have seen this. It happened to me this past March 2022 at exile lands map of single player with a big sized castle I had made. I had the ground floor set up and was ready to go to continue the upper level which it’ll be the middle floor and then the roof.

But one day I log in and saw vaults float in the air and bags dropping down .

A friend of mine said that this bug happened because that I had set the game 's save files to be saved manually instead of automatically from the console to the psn cloud.

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