Ikea, thrall attribute stats, and netflix

The template instructions are complicated. I failed a technical writing course and they recommended the shorter the better. Graphics even better. I guess that means ikea would get an A from my professor, so I’ll let you decide :sweat_smile:

Also I’m on an iPad so dunno about multitasking, haven’t quite figured that out either.

The aforementioned is why I’m not 100% about reporting this but it’s enough to tip me towards reporting.

I either can’t figure out the thrall attribute system, or there is a graphical bug that doesn’t show it, or its not working much at all. Specifically, it’s the bonus attributes on my armor (eg skelos). I only see attributes bonus when I reach the perk and I get 20 plus across the board. My skelos stuff, I can’t see it in the info screen where I think it would be.

Anyway, It’s such a beautiful game, I wish there was like a ps5 or next gen console optimized version.

Hey, is Netflix doing something with conan after prime nixed it? Are your producers jumping on this? :wink:


The follower damage bonus from your Skelos armor shows up on your stat page, not the stat page of the thrall.
As for figuring out the thrall attribute system :joy: that’s a whole other beast! You could start with this thing I made

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