IKOS UI v. 3.6.1 anyone?

Anyone here using this UI? I lost my install, and the Ikos page is dead. I’d be very grateful if someone could upload it :grinning:

Did u get it? I only found a 3.4.1 Version

I have a 3.5.2 (later versions did not have the exact placement and size of the bottom bars as I like it, and I never figured out how to change the size of the health bars, which are too big for my taste in the later versions).


Be sure to use the blue Downloadbutton on the right.

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Awesome, thank you! :smiley: Been using a few other UI’s lately but Ikos is still my favorite.

Thanks for the download link :slight_smile: .

Thanks got it too:P

Link doesnt work anymore, do you have another one?


working perfectly, thx a lot mate

Can someone tell me why i can’t keymap the circled bar? i would really love to be able to do so.

does anyone know why I have lost my IKOS UI since the latest round of updates?

Same mine just wouldn’t work at all since new update had to uninstall and download strange UI :confused:

managed to get it working by manually updating on the AoC UI installer 3.1.0…

now everyone has skulls next to their names though

I can fix that for you. What is the most recent version ? Is it the 3.6.1 available there :

I also have this issue with no hair and skulls by NPCs. Using IKOS 3.6.1

i’ll look into it when i remember to :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to the skulls, and vanity Windows is bugged (i cant click on hide helmet/cloak)
Using the latest version of ikos UI posted on this thread

There is a fix for the red skulls glitch. You’ll have to search for it on the forums and apply it yourself.

@McFiend Try the version of Ikos’s UI you can find there :

note that I didn’t edit the character selection screen (yet ?), so the button to delete characters will still be missing.