Illogical sequence of steps for missions

Just noticed during my utterly futile quest to find agents: for some mission tiers, the listed steps are in an illogical sequence.

The Breakfast Cult Tier 2/4
Lure familiars close to confirm the wards work
Use an anima shard to restore the [whichever] gate wards

In this case, it’s admittedly pretty obvious you’d do the latter first.

That’s not true with all missions, though.

For example:
Science and the Arts, final tier
Defeat the Academy Wraith
Objective: Close the major anima leak

This seems to clearly indicate it’s 1) kill the wraith, 2) close the leak and why wouldn’t it, all the previous leaks were ‘kill things, close leak’? But it’s just the other way around: the wraith won’t spawn until the leak is closed.

Before I start taking detailed notes on all the mission tiers where steps are listed out of sequence, I’d like to know: is this even something Funcom considers ‘fix worthy’?


I remember doing that the first time and waiting for the wraith to appear, ran around a bit and nothing happened until I clicked the leak.

Shouldn’t be too difficult to move some text on tiers around to make it more clear.

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I must disagree, the text might not be very clear but it makes sense to do it in this order.

  1. There is a ward at the door
  2. You lure familiars into the ward
  3. You confirm that they die when walking on a ward >> Hey! This works ! Let’s plant wards all around.
  4. You then go on restoring the remaining wards. The first one was active from the beggining.

I admit though that the Main Leak part feels weird, but then te Mission Journal states the steps in correct order, first line is “Close Major Anima Leak” only then the second line is “Kill the Wraith”.

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Untrue. Tier 1 was confirming a working ward works.

Tier 2 is always restore a ward that isn’t working, then afterwards confirm it now works.

Was paying closer attention last night when I ran this again. Other steps (like the first time you put down a ward, and then are told to test it) show up separately. More than changing the order, there really shouldn’t be sequential instructions on screen at the same time. After the first example of “backwards” instructions, you get three other tasks that show up at the same time, but these can be completed in any order. Most missions, if the steps are sequential, the next step doesn’t show up until the required one is completed.