Illusionist armor feedback

Maybe it’s me but I really feel that this armor needs a float to ride on and you get to throw beads at everyone and these beads give you the drunken effect. This only applies on Tuesday.

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I’m all in! :rofl:

it should be dyeable too(

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I was way less excited than the cat seeing my muscular character dressed in… ribbons.


It seems extremely out of place.

Gives me the mildly artistic vibes of the costume design in New World.

Also confused as to where this Egyptian-themed “Pharaoh” styled armor fits in with lore? I guess the Stygians would be closest to an Egyptian culture, but still seems off?

The Helm of the Mad Prophet too, kind of awkward. Which also raises the question - Why is a Khitan bounty hunter(?) (maybe I should listen to the captain’s dialogue) trying to sell me this Pharaoh style helmet for some strange coins?

It has to do with their master/employer, Mek-Kamoses. They’re looking to him for answers and a way out, back to the far east.

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