Im all for making this a monthly subscription to make this game a lot better

They have similar response times to what you see on officials in CE depending on the game or the issue reported. Particularly when concerning cheating and moderation, they can take from a few days to a few weeks. Response times tend to get quite a bit lower when dealing with purchasing issues.

Suffice to say, the response times you see in a standard MMORPG isn’t something that would be acceptable to a CE player if they were paying for it. And I don’t blame them for that opinion.

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So let me get this straight: no subscription game out there has decent support and we’re all idealistic (or spoiled, if you prefer) for wanting it?

You know, that wouldn’t quite surprise me, but I’m skeptical. I know being a good server admin is hard, but there has to be some middle-ground support level between “essentially crap” and “devoted enthusiast”.

Make it a more general question: is there a comparable sandbox game with acceptable level of support for its official servers?

What you’re missing there, because I didn’t say it explicitly, is that if you have paid moderated servers, the free servers would be unmoderated. So I don’t think that the factor would be 2, because the moderators wouldn’t have to deal with all the crap from free servers.

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I very much like idea of moderated and unmoderated.

People can pick their poison. And if paying for the service meant more active admins that just deleted offenders or timed them out the behaviours would change remarkably.

I feel a lot of what is happening on Officials is a result of people thinking teacher isn’t watching.

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I dont think they would ever let them go unmoderated. I think they would just shut them down in that scenario.

Crap didnt think about that

Why? They used to be unmoderated.

That’s a question I certainly can’t answer because my assumption for any game is that any public servers would be cesspools so I never use them… so I would never expect any service on them at all, or be disappointed by lack of moderation. I write them off as a rule.

Because they moderated them out of assumed customer needs and shut down servers already. I think the status quo is as far as it goes while the servers are up.

Level of support and response times have been on a downward spiral for around 15 years. When I played Everquest back in 2001-2002, it wasn’t uncommon to see GMs (Game Moderators) in the plural in one area on a single server. They would be handling tickets for the server to handle issues players would run into, and when there wasn’t enough tickets to go around they would engage with the players in the form of events. One of the coolest things I’ve seen them do was on Everquest 2, it was a massive server event being held by multiple guilds, hundreds of players showed up. The GM’s actually attended as Antonia Bayle and Lucan D’lere (the two main world leaders of the two major factions) as NPCs that would talk and meet with the players.

You log into EQ now, and you’ll have to server hope a few times, using the /who all gm command to see if there is one online, and chances are there will not be a single one online unless they are actively working on a ticket and logged in.

And to answer your question about comparable sandbox games… I’ve not played Rust or Ark so I can’t comment on those. But the official servers on games like Empyrion and Space Engineers do not appear to have Conan Exiles equivalent moderation. I think you have to use Discord to make reports. They have private servers with more sophisticated report systems (web based).

Conan Exiles seems to be pretty bad with its moderation, but its no where near the worst in function or response. Most games tend to use volume of tickets in a timeframe (individual tickets aren’t investigated) to take action on an individual. Some of the better ones use that to begin an investigation, others simply use a guilty until proven innocent approach if the threshold is met.

Why hire someone when a computer can automate it? That’s the opinions of the one’s who foot the bill in most cases. Some accuse FC of doing this themselves. They likely don’t, but even if they did, they be following industry standards.

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So your response to being punched in the face is that a guy down the road got punched in the face three times so we should be happy?

Hard pass.

Gonna advocate for positive change and outcomes my dude. You do you.

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That was neither said nor implied. A question was being answered.

If it were up to me, every individual player would have three dedicated game moderators to see to their every need and issue with 100% accuracy and immediate no-delay response time. That’s what I want. That’s what I think should be available. That is how the world should work.

That is also a fantasy.

Well bud that sure is what you are pushing.

And yes your suggestion is fantasy and frankly insanity. But you meant it to be, as well as a chip to anybody looking for anything better.

But hoping for reasonable response times, fair application of TOS and if necessary requesting that these be part of separate service model that we are willing to pay for is not a sin nor is it stupidity.

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Look dude, Codemage asked a question, and I answered it with facts and personal experiences. If you don’t like the facts given, then that’s your problem not mine.

I never said asking for better service was a sin or stupid. The only thing I said in that regard was it would cost more than $5-7/month. That is it. Everything else was answering questions.

You’re looking for an argument where there was none. I’m going to give you a warning right now to stop doing that.

Monthly sub for this game won’t do any good. It’s too far gone.

It would outlandishly skew perception of expectations.

If the game launched with a sub, maybe it could have worked out (10 years ago). Subscriptions are coming back in the unicorn fart of “As a Service”.

It wouldn’t work for this game. They would have to pump out more than floor paints as content.

CE isn’t worth a subscription.

And if they tried, they’d just lose players. And who exactly would they charge to begin with?

No, because people who play offline/solo won’t pay a monthly for a game they already purchased. I sure as hell wouldn’t. And I’d avoid Funcom like the plague no matter what they create in the future.

Official Servers?
Again, no, because they’d just abandon officials for private.

Private Servers?
Nope, because they are already paying for servers, in some form or another, and to act like they have to pay twice for something they already paid for?

You get trolls saying that it’s a great idea. Of course they wouldn’t play the game if it happened.

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After the Bazaar, I figure a monthly fee would be much closer to purchase price, like $19.99 a month, and the bazaar. But if you want everything you will still need to get the battle pass, minus the free croms.

And you will still not be able to place thralls :smile:

Clearly you and your lovely wife both have Plus memberships.

I’m not sure about your Plus status.

For me, I already pay a membership to try and enjoy the online Multiplayer aspects of Conan Exiles. My memberships likely covered a small portion of the fee paid by Sony to Funcom in order to feature it as a “Free” Plus game. We don’t know how much, because it hasn’t been published. Ark, for instance, was paid $3.5 million to be a PS Plus “free” game.

I will be privately streaming the current state of play in a live game session. This will be with three executives from Sony Interactive Entertainment, including the Senior Vice President and head of Global Partner Development and Relations. Over the years the meat-me cultivated relationships with Sony people via LinkedIn and through their internal Game Panels, including the Gamers (sic) Advisory Panel. I have never asked for a meeting, but this one is at my request and on your behalf.

You, @sestus2009 and @stelagel, among many others, have galvanized me to make some positive efforts to save the PS4 port, and receive fair value for exchange of capital. We’ve already paid our memberships, and should expect Tencent 腾讯 to hold up their end of the deal.


Thank you so much and yes my wife and I both have ps+ accounts at least since the game came out for her and as my tag suggests sestus2009 for me when I started playing online silly me thought that was part of a password not my game tag but I live with it.


I wish you’ll achieve this goal! This pandemy, combined the war and energy crisis have changed our financial balance! All around global home economy is under great pressure! There is a struggle for basics now and this is not a joke! Even the well “balanced” homes have agony for this winter. Some days ago @Frillen told me for the grocery raise among others that literally cannot allow us to find a way to balance the situation! Another friend from US was explaining me that her boss is making sure she works only 39 hours per week, so she doesn’t have insurance! Homes loose stability globally, but the gaming companies must survive this hit as well! If ps4 won’t be supported for another year at least, not only gaming companies will be hurt, but the gamers too! We the fathers and mothers, have this game to empty our heads from reality and get fresh for the next day. I can speak for me but I believe that many are in this course, I need this game and this is not a joke, it helps me a lot. No it is not an addiction, I can assure you, but it is necessary for my relaxing! I cannot risk my homes economy for ps5, yes these 500 or 600 € are vital for this winter, so I would be very happy if I knew that I will continue this winter with my ps4, it would be a relief, a great one actually!

Ps, if I understand correctly you said something about streaming? When? On YouTube?


It’s helped me immensely, I’ve said that openly and often. And I miss it.

I streamed to four people in remote conference rooms today, like a business meeting. It was/is private, by request. :slight_smile: