I'm in favor of bringing back the old cleaning

I am in favor of returning the previous cleaning system, at least while the new system is being repaired
I called the purge on different servers, in different places, in different houses, but the result was the same - the purge either cannot find a place to camp even in a flat field, or it leaves right during the battle
Right now it’s probably almost impossible to call for a purge due to bugs in the generation of their camp
I’m silent about the fact that I bought a pyramid on the bazaar and decided to make a pyramid and call for a purge in it, at first I couldn’t call the purge itself for half an hour “the camp couldn’t find a place,” and when it finally appeared, the enemies just went through all my doors and began to rob my treasury chest!
ahhh, you were able to call for a purge and almost got through it? purge just at a random moment, I still haven’t been able to understand why, it can just turn around and leave, and you’re left without slaves, without a base, without loot
It would be better if there was old cleaning, BUT AT LEAST IT WILL WORK!

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