I'm trying to find a secret base in the volcano

I have been playing for 1 year. I still haven’t found the base for a clan, he says that have a base in the volcano. I went around from top to bottom I never found anything of theirs. Someone else tells me who has a secret place in the volcano for a secret base but can’t find anything. I watched several videos to find my haven’t the chance to find them yet so I’m going here I’m sure someone knows this location. The guys are toxic he says to himself the server kings then who have nothing at least I think ha haha ​​I have everything to destroy them only I can not find them anywhere he spam messages on Xbox then fight haha ​​that to me bugged so he gets to kill me guys don’t his playing they just found a top secret place or he just has nothing to destroy. Guys have been on this server for 3 years, I really want to destroy them with all the crap that did on this server I have to eliminate them. I hope to find a person who knows this site who will tell me its la and boom here they are haha. I want to eliminate them because it doesn’t allow time for the new one to arrive to build it destroys everything in their path I want to avenge everyone of those toxic guys who are afraid of losing. I am not the king of the game I know that. They have their heads bigger than their door centering. Please help me . Thanks for your time its appreciating. sorry for my english i use google translate

voici mon sujet en francai
Je joue depuis 1 an . J’ai toujours pas trouvé la base à un clan, il dit qui ont une base dans le volcan . J’ai fait le tour de haut en bas je n’ai jamais rien trouvé qui leur appartient. D’autre personne me dise qui a un endroit secret dans le volcan pour une base secret mes ne trouve rien. J’ai regardé plusieurs vidéos pour trouver mes n’ai pas eux la chance de trouver encore alors je me lance ici je me dis sûrement que quelqu’un connais cet emplacement. Les gars son toxique il se dit les kings du serveur alors qui n’ont rien du moins je crois ha haha j’ai tout pour les détruire seulement je ne les trouve pas nulle part il spam de message sur Xbox alors de combat haha ça me fait bogue alors il arrive à me tuer les gars ne ses pas jouer ils ont seulement trouvé un endroit très secret ou il n’ont simplement rien à détruire . Les gars sont sur ce serveur depuis 3 ans, je veux vraiment les détruire avec toute la ■■■■■ qui ont fait sur ce serveur je dois les éliminer . j’espère trouver une personne qui connaît cet emplacement qui me dira ses la et boum les voila haha . je veux les éliminer, car il ne laisse pas de temps au nouveau arriver de construire il détruit tout sur leur passage je souhaite venger tout le monde de ceux gars toxique qui ont peur de perdre . je ne suis pas le king du jeu je le sais . Eux, il on la tête plus grosse que leur centrage de porte . Aider moi sil vous plait . Merci de ton temps ses apprécier .

Try to run with a foundation to detect land claim. It can help to locate hidden bases!

Else go to solo player admin mode and scout in fly mode to locate possible building spots. Then check in the server theses spots


If I were trying to find someone at the volcano here are a few places I would look:

  1. The “ant hill” - it’s on the eastern front side of the volcano. You can probably google or YouTube it in relation to Conan Exiles for exact directions, it’s fairly common.

  2. What I call “high rock” - to the western front side of the volcano there is an area where you pass under an archway of stone after crossing lava veins. You can build at the top of this archway VERY high in elevation.

  3. Check under structures in the volcano, especially structures over lava. You can build some pretty cheeky roof bases under bridges and structures in the volcano.

As @Selene01 suggested trying to place a foundation can be helpful in finding bases, think of it as your metal detector. Sorry if this doesn’t translates well for you, good luck exile!


Base detector, usefull to find hidden bases :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your time my are not always there with a foundation like you suggest to me thank you for your time I can not wait to find haha

Utilise une simple fondation comme ceci pour detecter les bases quand ca affiche “land claim”.
Et ca detecte dans toutes les directions, au dessus, au dessous, autour …
Très utile dans la jungle pour les arbres, sous les ponts, …

When you travel to the volcano obelisk keep going strait ahead until you see the merchant and exit tunnel. Just before the merchant go left climb up and over arch. There is a black temple like structure it has one boss there. You can build around and down there and it is very good hiding place.

foundation swiping is cheese. Volcano…lots of hidden stuff to build in. 1) Upper right g14. Not on a path and gotta build as a climber. Also beware the cold zone that is up there. It can drop you fast and dropping in the volcano isn’t a good idea. 2) Under the structures. Tons of bridges and “vents?” around to build into. Way too numerous. 3) undermeshing slimes. Lower right g13 has a dome structure that you can under mesh into and I believe it’s still not fixed. 4) At oblesik, look up. you can build right in front of it and make a nifty ceiling base. I once had one that also contained a map room in it. Most people don’t look up. 5) just north of the Well of Skelos. There are large Simba rocks that people build on…and here is my own favorite. Did you know that black ice walls are the perfect camoflage for the sides of the volcano? Look for large areas of smoothness and then try to find a door somewhere around.

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