Please help me find this hidden base

So I have been searching for this clans base for a long time now and I can’t find it anywhere! They bombed a team members base and he just started so I promised him I would take revenge but I can’t find them lol. I have literally searched the entire snow, jungle, forest(north), desert, volcano, and even traveled the entire border… I also looked up online to see where the best hiding spots were and I checked all of them to no avail. I have found every single clans base except them and I don’t understand it. Please suggest your favorite hiding spots, or where you found hidden bases please and thank you!!

They are under mesh in the Volcano. Under the map on A17.

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Thanks I’ll check this with a foundation block!

Lol. The only other thing is a full encumbrance build keep all benches on them and only make came when they.need to build something, then move on with no base and just stay nomads.

They could also have a glitched base in this huge area to the right of the volcano (around 13-M for example).

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Checked inside dungeon areas? Like warmakers?

So in square 12 G in between the road of the pilgrim and the yeti boss there is lava spewing down the mountain, you see a snowy looking path that goes up the base and where the 2 black ice nodes spawn climb that you will see you can jump down into a crevice where you could build a secure base unseen unless you know of it.


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