Blocage des ressources souffre

Bonjour nous sommes sur un serveur officiel pvp conan x box 2216 eu mais les alfas de ce serveur on bloqué tte la zone de souffre on ne peu accéder si ils sont connectés nous sommes obligés de leurs demander l’autorisation pour avoir du souffre je pense oui c’est du pvp mais c’est de l’anti jeu cela nous bloque de partout sans souffre on ne peu rien faire pouvez vous nous aidez ?? Ou répondre

It’s still PVP and you can still blow it up. That’s the whole point of PVP.

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You speak French too? Omg you are good

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Thanks, but I don’t. Some of the words are similar enough to Spanish, so I could get the gist of the post. Then I pasted the whole thing into the Google translator just to double-check I didn’t miss anything :smiley:

On the other hand, I’m sorry if I sounded a bit brusque :confused:

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yes it is clearly pvp I do not say the opposite but being 2 against 10 players it would be unwelcome to break everything I just think it should be prohibited to be able to build in this kind of place. and especially limited the constructions. we were not in a server they had put foundations on all around the map impossible to be able to return.

when you are 2 in a clan is that you can just cry so that we open the doors for you to be able to have sulfur and if they are not connected you have to wait for it to connect because they are on several servers really not interesting to play like this

I understand your point, but unfortunately Funcom has stated again and again that they will not interfere in cases like that. Some of your options are:

  • Get organized and gather enough resources to blow their stuff up and then set up your own choke points.
  • Move to a different official server and hope you don’t run into anyone like that again.
  • Move to a private server.

Just out of curiosity, did they simply wall off the Shattered Springs or did they actually block up all the other sources of sulfur?

they walled up all the spawn we can do nothing after changing servers we really work hard to have our bases but it is especially also for future players who can not grow like us right now

I think I read somewhere that funcom does take action if people block the whole spawn area. Perhaps you can PM to a forum moderator?
Bonne chance :slight_smile:

regardez l’eau de la jungle, les pierres jaunes autour des évents sous les eaux sont du soufre, tuant également le nordheimer et le cimmérien donneront de l’acier, vous n’avez donc pas à tailler le soufre pour le faire

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I thought @Mystherine was saying they blocked up the sulfur nodes, not the new player spawn areas?


We are on official PvP Xbox server, 2216 EU, but the alfas of this server have blocked all the areas of sulphur so we can not access them if they are connected. We are forced to ask them permission to have sulphur, I think. Yes, it’s pvp, but it’s anti-game - it blocks us from everywhere. Without sulphur we can not do anything. Can you help us? Or, answer.

Translated using DeepL and manually edited to correct for punctuation.

@CodeMage @r4nd0mGamer confusing part above, solution below.

[if] we were not in a server they had put foundations on all around the map[. It would be] impossible to be able to return [to normal gameplay].

[… they need to] open the doors for you to be able to have sulfur.

they walled up all the [resource node] spawn[s …] we really work[ed] hard to have our bases [… other players] can not grow like us right now

If this thread would stay on-topic, it’d be logical to be a direct reply to the question.
Most people would find blocking of player spawn something worse and would have posted about that in the first place. Fyi, this offense is currently bannable.

@Mystherine See this comment:

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Oui je parle du spawn a souffre et non spawn de joueurs. Merci pour vos réponses. On va continuer à pleurer le souffre mais je sais qu’il y a d’autres spawn a souffre mais celui vers Sète et important pour tout les joueurs bref un peu dégoûté de jouer pleurant des ressources. Ca change le gameplay.

Et jouer sur des serveurs privés boosté ne nous intéresse pas l’officiel et plus intéressant.

So you were right: brimstone blocking only, time to bomb the shattered springs :slight_smile:

I am really sorry i can’t speak French. All i can say is that i tottaly agree with your frustration. I find this attitude non athletic. I don’t play in official servers because they block and destroy varius spawning areas, build undermash, kill you while you are on loading screen, block obeliscks and important knowledge points. If i can give an example, once a guy build undermash, to the passage from Den to North and place 30 archers on pillars around the aloe soup recipe. It was impossible to climb and take the recipe. There is no sports spirit, no honor and tottaly no fun. Slowly the official servers loose many good players every day. Something has to be done, i don’t know what, but something drastic.

You are simply magnificent. Nothing less :+1::+1::+1:

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excuse for my english google translated for me i play a conan from the start i like the concept and especially to see a game evolve as it evolves bravo to funcom but yes it is frustrating especially when you spend months to put yourself well believe me a 2 it’s not obviously the private servers I tried I don’t like and especially you don’t know if they will stay long official your not this problem

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