Immersive Leveling RP Sever?

Hello I am trying to look for a immersive server where it is hardcore and roleplaying and leveling at the same time I have been looking for a few days now and I haven’t been lucky so I am hoping by making this post someone could maybe point me in the right directions



I am also try to find a good one in the past years. I would advise you to be a little more specific, many people interpret RP in many different ways, most of them are not even able to learn vanilla lore. Which would be the most important thing: common knowledge, which is the basis of world building. Also, the region (time zone) and the map should be the same if you want to play with others. I think without the proper knowledge and dedication it can not be done right.

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Well I am just looking for a semi-normal experience without any DLC and without many mods with only mods maybe to increase the difficulty of the mobs and the environment maybe I wouldn’t mind more months I didn’t know enemies and items that is always good I am just hoping to find a immersive server to level up roleplaying while people do it but a lot of severs nowadays like I said give you free level buffs and are littered with add-ons and mods when I want a pretty vanilla start if I can with the same UI etc

Hello Zalus, and let me introduce to you what I believe could be exactly what you’re looking for! :sunglasses:

I run a server that has everything you mentioned:
~ it is roleplayed (RP is enforced, you’re not allowed to break character in chat)
~ it is slow and immersive leveling (XP rate for the kills is x2, however the rest XP is decreased, and also it is hard to get the kills, see below)
~ the settings are hardcore and focused on making the survival challenging and rewarding (in short, you are twice weaker while the mobs are twice stronger)
~ the mobs and the resources respawn 3 times slower, so you are forced to fight for the resources (fight with other players in fair PVP)
~ the buildings are way stronger and hard to explode, while the explosives are way harder to obtain (yet it’s still possible of one is really determined)
~ dynamic building damage to protect your belongings while you’re offline (30 minutes after you log off, to prevent abusing)
~ no limitations in terms of roleplay, pvp and building (except for the obvious cheating, griefing and abusing)
~ there is no global chat, so nobody will interrupt your immersion while you’re exploring the world
~ everything above is being achieved through server settings, there is currently no mods

Yeah and did I mention, all that is for free? :wink:

Just hop in and give it a try. The server is new, so there is no crowd to disturb you. Yet! :slight_smile:

Here is the link to forum topic: Full-RP PVP Survival [EU Server]
And here is the direct IP to join the server:

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