Impact of food on animal stats

I would like to have precise information on animal nutrition, especially that of horses, and especially the impact of each food on the increased percentages (food bonus) of animal stats.

You can find on the English wiki tables describing the feeding of animals and the percentages of chance of obtaining a big animal according to the food given during the time of breeding (taming), but there is almost nothing on the impact of each food on the characteristics, the stats (strength, vitality, agility …etc.), either during the breeding or when riding the adult horse.

Wiki :

  1. First, is a fast foal faster than a normal (or robust) foal ? Does a robust foal have more life (health) than a normal or fast foal ?

  2. What stat does the speed correspond to? The agility ?

  3. What is the food that increases for example the chances of obtaining more life (health) ? or more speed ? or more strength ?

  4. Now, I take as an example an elephant: what food increases its life / health ? …etc.

All this information I can’t find either.

I use in particular a caravan elephant, I know that it can eat bark, fiber, berries of the desert or highlands…etc, but when it was made to eat a food, and that then change food (I replace one food with another), the bonuses do not update. In any case, I do not know how long it takes to wait for it to refresh. Can you give me information or site links that could give me this detailed information ?

Very detailed, if possible.

it’s on wiki, most of it anyway, here’s elephant and he needs to munch on fiber to be (potentially) healthy

Ah sorry, I hadn’t looked well. Thank you for your answer. :slight_smile:

I gave vines to eat my horse, but no percentage bonus is displayed, how is it done? Would it be buggy ?

It’s the same for the elephant, the pourcentage don’t change.

And they eat these foods for a long time. And only this food (one food).

And I have no answer neither for the foals nor for the stat which determines the speed of the horse…

I don’t know if it’s just visual, but try drag-and-doping stack back and forth from your inventory to animal’s

As far as I know, swift foal is the same as a sturdy foal, and the food you give them to raise them doesn’t change anything. Horses are horses, and the foal/food doesn’t matter. When raising them, there is no chance for greater version or better stats, so I just give them plant fiber.

I think the bonus is linked to the first food it eats after level up. The first food it eats at a new level determines the percentages for the next level.

I don’t remember what the bonuses are, but I remember that Asura’s Glory plant is what I prefer to feed my horses.

It is :slight_smile:
So we have to make sure that the pet has enough of its fav food in its inventory at any time since it would eat one each time it takes damage.

This, (on ps4) just click it over. And see if it eats one.

On ps4 anyway, If I put a 20 stack on horse, it’ll drop to 19. You’l have to check Follower status page, to see the %'s.

Its weird

Foals name doesn’t matter. There all the same. So just grab any and all foals, throw them in stable and pray to RNG gods you get something good. XD

I pretty much just Keep basic food on them for healing, And swap in right one around level up. (not to waste some of better foods anyway)

Cause otherwise 1 lucky hyena who nets 10+ hits will cause horse to eat 10 foods… when it really only needs 1 to heal. =/

I posted this elsewhere and just remembered this thread. Hope it helps.

Almost. It’s the last food it eats before leveling up.

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