Improved ingame Admin Panel

Hey there!

Since a long time, I have been managing my own server and since over a year, I kept asking in dev streams for improvments to the admin panel that often got an “should be easy to do” reply.

Now I will write them again and hope that you as developers have a heart for all the private server owners, who wholehearted love this game and need easier ways to adminstrate their communites ingame. Without always having to make detours to the db for simple things.

Improvements needed for the Admin Panel ingame

  • a way to change Player and Clan names ingame while they are online

  • a way to get as admin only, all bases shown on the map ( maybe use the last loaded db from the last restart for the informations) I mean it is possible to show avatar tokens for everyone… why not player bases for admins only?

  • a way to get a player list ingame with all players and when they were last online plus a way to delete characters ingame ( this refers highly to players being stuck in loading screens that need their charas to recreate but can’t do it themselves)

  • a way to mute players from the chat ( that actually works)

  • a whitelist window to add players directly ingame to it

  • a way to assign ingame supporter who help to adminstrate the server without having to give them full access to every little detail of the server ( like you need them to help the community but not to alter all settings… )

  • a way to add a window for server rules, restarts, discords/teamspeak etc that we can adjust how we like it…

These are all things that are needed. I am not asking to add them all at once… but please… don’t always tell us that mods exists who already do all that… not every server owner wants a mod. and not everyone wants to use scripts to correct spelling errors in character names or ask players to recreate their charas for that.

These are all Quality of Life Changes and Features… for Server Admins. Please consider adding them.
Thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Pippi is the greatest server mod there is… seriously just get it for your server. It has built in server setting and chat and whole lot more.

and that is exactly what i do NOT want

i want the server vanilla
without having to force people to download mods and to make sure they are updated every so often… especially since the mod creator is more than 12 hours ahead of me so chances to get updates in time are kinda bad.
further… all of these features should have been in the Admin Panel since over a year by now.

i know the pippi mod very well and i respect the work josh is putting into it. none the less it is funcom’s call to get things finally together.

Fun fact josh turn down a job employment with funcom when his girl friend didnt like the idea of moving.

sooo in a parallel universe you might have gotten your wish lol