Improved Mountaneer?

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Not seeing feat or recipes for advanced or improved mountaneer

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  1. Climb mountain again to see Mountaneer
    2.Select new Feat using shard
    3.climb back down and go to base
    4.Check feats neither in new feat lineup nor under armor feats do not see anything relating to Mountaneer other than original feat.

I even did search and nothing listed under any feats that relates to Mountaneer except for one learned at early level. Is this a oversight on a new feat or was forgotten in implementation. I am on a Official server so no mods .

when you are on mountaneer you will see a new option to learn something new. If you have learn that you will be able to see that new recipe and build the reinforced climbing gear at armorer bench.
For me it work’s great!

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I saw it and selected it it took shard but didn’t give recipe

i have learnt this recipe and its a bad joke.

reinforced gloves or boots cost 4 layered silk, 1 climb gloves/boots, and 2 star metal and what is the profit???

ONLY more duration from 180 to 450 i remember. same climbing stats, same prevention to hot temperature, same weight, same armor…

Its a bad joke because simple climb gear only need iron for repair it.


I think for me it decrease the stamina loss on climbing with the new recipe

@Azzend It’s not like the old Mountaineer dialog where the feat gets added immediately. Instead, the purchase places a schematic in your inventory and you need to press “Use” on it to learn the feat.


That’s probably what it is I had a scroll in box may check that

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