Improved tannery burning fuel faster?

Not sure if that should be like that. As far as i know improved workbenches should be same except they have more space.

Now improved tannery seems to burn 1 bark in 15 seconds, meanwhile regular tannery burns bark in 20 seconds. So something is odd for sure.

I don’t know if it’s burning bark faster or not, but if it is, are you sure that’s all it’s doing? Is it, by chance, also processing leather faster?

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It is not. I have normal and improved standing next to each other, each 2k bark, no thrall, one will have burn time ~8hours, other ~11h. That’s why i started counting how long actually it burns one bark - turned out to be 15s and 20s, which is for sure like something is wrong. Because why would it burn bark faster if it doesnt make leather faster?


From your text alone, that sure sounds like a bug… And not even a small one.

This is what happens when game makers force to do faster job that need to be accurate, probably bug yes because i found out other timer pproblems, ignasis said they will watch on it, because u see…

Imagine one thing, to make siptah faster, for example items and enemys, u did not noticed anything familiar? Like vault of fiend final boss, who attacks are same as TAG from booze basement in exile lands? Or siptah light , who is just same as red mother breath? ( sure maybe u dont have this expansion ) But why i say this… New expansion use many same items/mobs/timers as exile lands so —>
for siptah they also remaked timers, for example flesh of jebal, now stays 1 hour 30 min… also potion of bestial memory is longer than normal… What i want to say, that is probably bug u got there, also i suggest check u out how long grubs stay in compost and other items like burning time and decay time, u see because of siptah rework , they maybe accidentally ruined something in normal game timers ( I had something like, 1 grub should stay 20 min right? , in siptah they are bugged and holds only 0:09 sec … i writed about it and ignasis as i said before, said its bug and will change ) i bet u have same bug with timers…

Same with Warmaker dungeon… All the Shadow of the Giant-Kings have the voice dialogs from The King Beneath (which is also a Giant King).

And when I read through many Siptah threads: Is there even sth really new? You have that new farming material and metal? But besides that and the things from the DLC itself, is there sth new in the world?

Are there finally legendaries for the 2-3 last added weapon types?

Hey @CurtChan

Thanks for the observation, it’s been sent to our team so they can look into it.

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I farmed a bunch of new bosses, and yes there is ton of new weapons with same icon/look as already existing legendaries. Yet i already found numerous new weapons with NEW look (or maybe i just never saw those in exiles lands, but i had 800h on exiles map so idk).

But yeah it’s kind of weird - like exiles dragon torch is 168h timer - but same thing on siptah (green torch) has no timer, instead it has… durability? That’s weird.


Just like any other torches you can smack enemies with it, which costs durability: time or flat numbers. Since it has no timer - so basically endless light source, you loose durability instead if you hit something with it.

durability on a torch? o_O How does this work?

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