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So a couple of times now I’ve had the same player come by my base I’ve built in game and their name tag/chat indicator will pop up telling me that they are talking but I can’t hear them when I look at the settings the push to talk option is turned on but anytime I turn it off and exit the settings it turns back on no matter what I do. I don’t normally talk to other players in games that I don’t know but I also don’t like to be rude either so if they speak to me I’d like to be able to respond. But I don’t know if they can hear me or not. Also I’ve noticed that when looking at the controls there is no button labeled for the push to talk feature which makes it really hard to use that feature if I don’t know what button makes it work. Also I’ve never had this issue before in the base game I’m now play on the Isle of Siptah map and it’s happening.

If push to talk is going to be an option then the button for it should be clearly labeled also if it’s going to be feature that you can toggle on it off it should actually stay off when you make that choice.

Simply playing the game produces the problem for me.


I find the in game chat system is little too delicate cause using the party chat would make it stop working even after closing the party chat. This will last till you log out or restarting the game app.


Yeah, that’s a misleading option on PlayStation. The best option is to create a party chat but, not recommended for strangers.

As long as you and the other person are not in a party chat already (due to te issues that @BrutusWhitefang brought up) you can hear each other when facing each other, it’s distanced based.

Another thing to consider is the PlayStation privacy options for chat and voice, the restrictions take precedence and will interfere with the game.


Well the problem I’m having isn’t being caused by using the PSN party chat because I’m not using it with anyone while I’m playing the game. And closing the app and relaunching it has yet to fix this problem.

As I told Brutus the problem I’m having isn’t being caused by using the PSN party chat because I’m not using it with anyone while I’m playing the game friends or otherwise as I’ve been playing it solo online. Also closing and relaunching it doesn’t fix this issue either as it’s going from the time I launch the game up until I close it. This bug is something on Funcom’s end as far as I can tell. Also I don’t have the “mute in game chat” option turned on on my PS4, it’s not that either.

You could have everything perfect and the issue could be on the other person’s side.

One example is that I could have a conversation with two people and not a third, and it turned out that their mic was broken.


I’ve had game chat (with no party interfering) work fine in adjacent dungeon rooms before, and I’ve had it not work while standing face to face. There’s a post kicking around on the forums here suggesting that being in a party and switching to game chat will give you a better result… and I’ve had absolutely rubbish audio from this method.

So as @h3rb1 has pointed out, results are… varied.


Hey everybody,

We’ve sent note to the team about this to see if we can spot the issue.
Thanks for the feedback.


If there mic is broken then how would the game know they’re talking to tell me they are with their gamer tag and the mic icon popping up on the side of the screen though? See that’s the thing I know they’re talking because the game is telling me they are but I can’t hear anything they say. Also the first time when I tried to tell them I couldn’t hear them they rudely pinched my character (in PVE mind you) as if they though I was being mean or something so I think they heard me.

On my situation, the person knew the mic was broken and they bought an identical headset, they used the broken one by mistake (both looked the same) during our initial encounter, on our next meetup they told me what happend while using the new headset.

Now, from the human perspective the mic was not working, why the PS4 and the game both registered “talking” I can’t answer without further research.

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