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I have come across a file name called filechecker and it is a batchfile. It is located within the conansandbox folder/saved/. I do not know what the file does except that I can only deduce its function by its name. I have heard batch file data types work in console windows and are a rudimentary program tasked to do one thing and in this case I presume this is the validation key code. Correct me if I am wrong and I am always open to suggestions but help me out what this does before I decide to open this file. Again, I am a noob when it comes to programing languages and I am slowly learning. (Youtube is the greatest teacher ever). Senpais who are masters at computer science, help me out!

I don’t see anything called “filechecker” in my ConanSandbox/Saved folder. Do you mean CheckGameDB.bat?

If so, that batch file performs a simple, low-level integrity check of every single-player game you currently have saved. It doesn’t even check whether the data those databases hold is valid in terms of game logic, it just checks the soundness of the underlying SQLite database. For more detailed technical information, click here.

As for the “key code”, the game doesn’t perform that check on its own, at least on the Steam platform. I don’t have it bought on other platforms, so I can’t tell you about those, but when it comes to Steam, it uses Valve’s Steamworks SDK to integrate with Steam. Steamworks API initialization fails if you’re currently not running Steam, or if you’re running it but you don’t have permission to play it. The permission to play it can come from either owning it with your currently logged in (even if in offline mode) Steam user, or from being given that permission through Steam’s family sharing.

Bear in mind that this is the minimum you need to even play the game. If you don’t have Steam running, the game won’t work; on my computer, it simply crashes. If you do have Steam running, but it’s in offline mode and you don’t have your corresponding FLS account ID cached, you can play the game but only in single-player mode. This is because the game database needs to store the FLS account ID for each user playing, so the server needs that information and your client can’t give it if it doesn’t have it.

I hope that explains everything.


yes thats the file! sorry about the name. So I guess it has nothing to do with the validation thing. Your response was very helpful I will look into steam api’s and how game connects which information to where. This will take me forever but thanks codemage!

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If you don’t mind my curiosity, what are you looking for? As part of my work on BUGLE, I’ve had to figure out quite a few things about how the game works, so I might be able to clear up a few details :slight_smile:


I am looking for specific lines that determine the validation processes. The main idea is to locate the responsible code line and understand the programming mechanics of such code (if it exists at all). I am also curious if the game loads its assets from cloud server or if the assets load directly from downloaded files in the pc. If the assets load from the pc (which I am very sure that it does, given that the game already supports half-done offline feature), it means you should be able to create a brand new save file while offline, given the right modification to the responsible code lines. Only then I can give practical insights to the like minded community members on how to play the game fully offline without the need of existing save file. I do not know if this is a bug or a deliberate limitations set from the dev team but I am going to try my best to bring this problem to the light. I have downloaded Ark Survival to understand how they allow players to host the game locally on their pc and I am trying to find the solution from their game files as well.

Code mage, you are very helpful and I can not wait for your BUGLE project to come to life! Thank you for asking and trying to help, I needed it.

You can play the game fully offline without the need for existing save file. As I already explained, and as @Xevyr also explained, all you need to do is start Conan Exiles once while you’re logged into Steam in online mode. The game will cache your FLS account info and after that you can play fully offline.

I fail to see why this doesn’t work for you.

Everything I’ve added to BUGLE is just a QOL improvement, a convenience. Nothing in it is something you can’t do on your own, without BUGLE.

Everything I’m planning to add is like that, too. If you’re looking for something that will circumvent the requirement to own the game legally, BUGLE is never going to be your solution.

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