In PvE-C can other players get their thralls into your closed building?

Game mode: [Online PvE-C]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [N Am Official PvE-C #3828]

On our PvE-C server we have recently had a very aggressive player ambushing players shortly after the conflict PvP time begins. During my run ins with this /***** from ******* clan, he has chased both myself & another friendly player not in my clan back to one of our buildings. During his attacks & lurking around our bases, he has managed to get his ridiculously powerful thrall (pork cheat maybe, just read about that?) or sometimes his horse to ENTER our closed buildings & continue to attack & kills us (repeatedly). According to everything OFFICIAL, he shouldn’t be able to get his followers into my closed door keeps.

Question: is there (yet again?) some glitch or exploit that this player can use whereby he can get his followers into our buildings?

Both of us have some window or lattice walls on the buildings compromised. I’ve searched & found forum posts on some sort of “lie down” exploit that can get through walls. However, some folks have said a foundation thickness prevents this from happening, but then we’re stuck making ugly builds.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log on #3828 PvE-C during PvP times.
  2. Engage in combat with another player, retreat to base, & close door.
  3. Sadly discover the enemy lurking outside your house then his thrall suddenly appears & kills you in seconds.
  4. At least he wasn’t able to remove any loot from my corpse, nor would the thrall attack my followers inside (guessing this glitch means the aggressor can’t direct his thrall once inside).
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Couple things. I fought(and destroyed multiple times) that guy and his two friends in Brazuka on PvP servers, and they most definitely will chase you relentlessly cause what else do you do when you need validation? Next, it is against ToS to drop names/clan names in open forums, just fyi. And lastly, if they are on top of your roof their is a chance they will just teleport below them into your building. Best advice I can give you is put fence/crens on the top so they can’t climb up on top of your base. Otherwise, I don’t know.


@BradMunkey thank you for the advice.
I was unaware that mentioning names was verboten so I’ve now edited his name out of my original post.

The other player with whom I’m friendly seems quite experienced on PvP & has almost killed him already, but he does seem to have a cheat/exploit Teimos doing his dirty work; i.e. she got killed with 3 arrows from that thrall & I was almost killed in 2 hits from his long sword (could’ve been Sword of Crom) while I was in flawless Cimmerian heavy (about 1100 armor) & around 500 health (with buffs). Seemed a bit over the top. He likes to ambush from surprise; first time he attacked I was running up to him b/c he was in Silent Legion armor like my clan partner I’d just seen.

To get his thrall inside he seemed to be sneaking along my wall rather than on the roof, but I will put more crenellations & palisades around. Unfortunately that keep is in a gorge b/c it looks great; it’s purge proof but I’m fine with others being able to access our map room. May have to rethink that architecture.

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Hello @Catspaw, if you suspect one or more players might be abusing an exploit, either having their followers getting inside your base or dealing unusually high amounts of damage, be sure to send us an infraction report through Zendesk containing irrefutable evidence of the acts, preferrably provided as video:

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