Incorrect stability propagation on startup

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: All
Server Type: Any
Map: Any
Mods: None

Bug Description:

When loading up a game database, the game will not propagate stability correctly to the placeables under a specific set of circumstances involving pillars not aligned with the snap points of the building pieces below them. As a result, the placeables will lose stability and disappear, even though all the building pieces have enough stability. See below for steps to reliably reproduce the bug.

Bug Reproduction:

  1. Build a hexagon out of wedge foundations:

  2. Make an outer circle by mixing square and wedge foundations:

  3. Place a pillar on one of the square foundations:

  4. Place a wedge on top of the pillar, orienting the point towards the center of the circle:

  5. Attach a ceiling on each side of the wedge, except the one pointing outwards from the circle:

  6. Attach a pillar to the underside of each ceiling, making sure that it snaps to the center of the ceiling and not the center of the foundation below:

    • Here’s an additional image comparing the correct snapping and the incorrect snapping:
  7. Remove the middle pillar:

  8. Put down placeables on top of each ceiling and the wedge, and also one on any of the foundations:

  9. Verify the stability of the pillars, ceilings, and the wedge, with a repair hammer. In this example, I used the Structural Integrity perk, so the stability figures are as follows:

    • pillars: 85 each
    • ceilings: 85 each
    • wedge: 75
  10. Reload the game database by quitting out of single-player game to main menu, or by rebooting the server.

  11. The placeables that were on top of the wedge and the ceilings are gone, but the placeable on top of the foundations remains:

  12. The event log shows that the placeables lost stability after server started:


That is a very cool pillar placement trick. Hopefully they fix the placeables so I can use it.

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I’m very glad you found out and reported a bug that might have very nasty consequences. This has been happening with pilars for a long time. When they are placed with those little tricks, they don’t propagate stability.

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I just confirmed that the issue happens not only with placeables that you put on top of the ceilings and wedges, but also with placeables you attach to walls and pillars (e.g. torches and tapestries).


Lost a few curtains like that.

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