Increase max skill points



Engough of the damn admin command. The admin command crashes the game if used too much.

I shouldn’t need the admin command to beat the game,have engough skill points and etc.

The admin command is a fanboy/fangirl way of not fixing an issue. Stop kissing this game’s ■■■ and help fix the problems.


Salt cleanup aisle 5


Is that all? Admin command that and this. I preordered conan exiles. I didn’t preordered dark souls. I preordered a game that promised by the devs that it could be beat alone without admin commands.


Though actually it’s possible to repair everything.
Just bring a brain and use those repair kits…
(Really, I dont understand why people still bring raw materials instead of repair kits. But well… It’s not me who wastes materials…)

Sorry, but you really keep hitting my nerves there…
Enough of the damned whinery.
The game doesnt need lvl 100.
The game doesnt need 1000 feat points.
The game might use a handycap on respeccing. (To counter macros. Doesnt have to though. Only for pvp.)
The game isnt too hard, once one practiced enough; it’s completely fine to play with a good endgame weapon and some random epic gear. Doesnt have to be legion at all. So it doesnt matter if legion gets nerfed. Maybe for pvp…

As far as I see it, people tend to create artificial problems, just because they can. There are way more serious problems. Like instarespeccing. Like HP regen BUG/exploit. Placables vanishing without a reason.
But creating problems because the game doesnt cater to the own hunger after convenience? …
Yep, it ticks me off.
Dont create more problems when there already are a ton of else, really serious ones.
Sorry for choice of words, but I felt like having to make myself clear.

Huh? The way I got CE to know was by it being a clan based game, not a lone wolf game.
But actually, wether you believe it or not; I am more of an lone wolf myself. I only got into a clan now because I got to know other players a few months ago, even before combatupdate hit testlive - which is a rather long time.
And actually, you can beat it alone. I think each and every part of the item to destroy your bracelet is being dropped from some boss which you can beat solo in some way. (But there, the mindless exploiter has the upper hand…)


We need more skill points. Reason is for solo players.


Yellow lotus potion helps when you want to build everything


I play SP and I installed a mod to get all points to open all specs. The game was boring as 4ell. I just bought a server and I am not going to use it because it made it too easy.
This game is geared toward multiplayer cooperation so adding more points to the vanilla game is not going to happen. Get over it and install a mod.

BTW, I did finish the game in vanilla mode in SP so I know it’s possible.


Get your head out your ■■■ first. And stop sucking up to this game. I hate fanboys and fangirls. They kiss the games ■■■ no matter how bad it is.

Did you finish game in offline mode and without admin commands?

More skill points don’t make the game easy. Only a fanboy/girl thinks it would. This GAME not an MMO. Tired of the fanboys/girls not getting that.

Easy? I think your damage to enemies is too high. 1.5 is base easy mode. Not x10.

With the nerfs and buffs to enemies the game is far from easy.


Man you keep talking about its to hard to solo i beat the entire game for the most part on SP. I beat all the bosses with no issues at all just gotta learn how not to die in certain situations. I can understand that not everyone is very skilled at video games to avoid death alot of the time. I know the best way to beat the game and learn it is by playing solo because if you can overcome something by yourself then it should be twice as easy to do it when your doing it with your friends or online. Stop complaining about more skill points use a dam potion and respect. There is no way you need all them points anyways like what all do you need to learn anyways? Every single wep or something? Every piece of armor? Like you prolly got skill points invest in iron tools or iron weps for what? All you need is endgame gear and weps to spec in when you make it to 60. Maybe spec and get Steel weps just in case but other then that you tripping dude.


like others have said, it’s not about being OP, it’s about encouraging you to actually interact with other people. And even then you have the lotus potion if you just want to be solo and not use admin commands. Gathering lotus isn’t difficult or rare by any stretch of the imagination. Be happy they have given you that to accomodate solo play-style, because honestly if it were me designing things I’d have made it the most difficult recipe in the game.


My head isn’t up my ___. I said I finished it on VANILLA which means no admin and default settings. You are the one with your head up there. When I replied to this thread, I didn’t realize that this was your second thread on this same subject and everyone disagrees with you. Everyone in both threads has offered suggestions to mods that will give you exactly what you’re asking for, but you won’t listen. So now I say stop whining because you aren’t good enough at this game and go play Minecraft. I’m done here.


It’s not a second thread on same topic. LVs and skill points are different. We need more skill points. I’m an open world survival player. Minecraft is so boring no mods for ps4.

7 days to die bored me. Ark forces admin commands. And this mature game was suppose to have nudity. It more of a pg teen game with op and boring bosses.


My, My a challenge never seeks the players mind. Look all I’m asking for is 103 more skill points. You need more than total of 600 skill points to learn everything.


I am a solo player, and I say more skill points will f*ck even more balancing in PvP, game is fne with skill points, learn to create a good build.


I’ll get my 103 or more skill points eventually. Hopefully they grant me 303 or more when they boost the Level cap. That 497 is an eye sore.


you don’t need to learn everything. Very few feats are locked behind other feats. You don’t need to have every single weapon feat. You don’t need to have every single armor feat. Really once you hit 60 and use that lotus pot you’ll have more points than you know what to do with because there’s no reason for you to put any into stone/iron/steel tier weapons, and arguably hardened steel too if you go for acheronian/star metal. And even those are unnecessary if you get dragonbone and obsidian recipes

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