Increased Decay Timer for the Holidays

Hey everyone!

We’ve been following your discussions and suggestions about increasing the Decay Timers for the Holiday Break and we wanted to put it to a community vote to see how many days you want us to increase the decay timer by.

Here are your options:

  • Keep it at 7 days
  • Increase to 10 days
  • Increase to 12 days
  • Increase to 14 days

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We will keep this poll open until next week, so get those votes in!


Please!!! 14 days


Yes, christmas is long!. :blush:


It SHOULD be set to 14 days, period. That is what it was for the entire duration of Early Access and it worked perfectly fine there.


Yes atleast longer the time other can come and loot, Like 9 dayes safe then 8 dayes other player can kick in the doew and loot but not destroy Buildings (exept doors) and then one day full raidloting as to day?

So you can keep the buildings and so. Loot os easy to farm anyway.


Should be 14 days all the time! I go on vacation toward the end of December for a week and don’t want to come back to all my things gone! Also don’t want to worry about bringing my Xbox on vacation with me.


18 days all the time. MIN

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So i noticed ingame that the longer decay timer is on, thanks for that !


Its bitter sweet as the thralls will not survive that same time, make it so ?

The thralls and pets will last as long as there is food in their inventory … the 7day listed on thrall pot is how long they will last if they run out of food …well actually in practice it took 10 real time days for the thrall I stranded without food to die of hunger.

Simply stack the thrall pot with honey or gruel (or dried fish) and they will last a long time. As the thrall pot / feed box won’t despawn until your base will … they will keep taking from it until empty. Stack feedbox with honey, if you can’t make beehives, then stack with raw meat/fish.
If concerned then put stacks of food directly into their inventory… I suggest honey if you are level 33 as you can make beehives. If lower than 33 then gruel for thralls as it stacks to 100 with a long decay timer.

Pets have extra inventory slots so can stack them a lot of food … example 150 savoury fish will keep my wolf fed for 17 days 10hours before their hunger meter will start to fall …500 honey will keep my crocodile fed for 41days23hrs56minutes before their hunger meter starts to slowly decrease.

Funcom doesn’t need to make adjusts to the thrall/pet feeding system for the holidays … as the feeding pots are tied to base decay so long as they have food in them the thralls/pets will stay alive …


We’ve heard your feedback and we will be increasing the decay timer for the holidays:

Yep. No need to do anything special here. Granted, personally stocking each thrall if you have hundreds of them is a chore, but… if you have hundreds of thralls AND want to take an extended leave, it’s okay to make you work for it.

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How long is this decay timer extension going to last? Wish it would be permanently…


This please. Though make it 18 days 20 days delete atleast on pvp servers.

I was glad to log in the other day and find out the decay has been increased for the holiday, thanks for that! I was surprised because I heard nothing about that until I logged in.

I think its more than clear the decay system needs to be revised at some point, its not working right when it has to be changed every now and then

Please remember to always keep an eye on the news and announcement section.

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