Keep Decay Timers Constant!

This is a Feedback … Ummm … Why do you keep changing the decay timers from 7 days … to 10 days … to 20 days??? Vacations? Work Schedules? Changing all those timers takes a lot of work … especially with all those servers!!!

Just set everything to 15 days!!! Base decay 15 days … Thrall Decay … 15 days … why make more work for yourselves … this causes mistakes … like what is happening now!! Someone set the thrall decay timer to 1 day … they probably meant to set it to 10 days … but forgot the ZERO.

Just set a permanent decay timer and LEAVE IT ALONE. 15 days!!! Stop making more work for yourselves … and opening up a window for mistakes to be made.

15 days!!! Base decay 15 days … Thrall/Pet Decay 15 days … leave it alone!!!

I noticed the decay timer went from 20 days to 10 days … the Admin might have been trying to set the thrall decay to 10 days but forgot the zero … OOOPS! I day decay.

Just set it to 15 days and don’t mess with it anymore. Even I don’t know when the decay timer goes from 10 days to 20 days or whatever!

Avoid these issues!! And by the way I had almost 70 level 20 thralls decay on me … you owe me those!!! Fix your poop!!! LOL


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It’s one setting.

If you’re not on and playing at lest once in 10 days, you’re not playing. You just greedy don’t want to give up your build. Just let it go, it’s only virtual, you really aren’t losing anything.


I started a thread … about Funcom ■■■■■■■■ up the Dune IP if they screwed up the Conan IP … and I got deleted … so not going there again … just feedback!! lol

7 days was the old default decay time. 10 days is the new default decay time.

They always double decay time for summer and Christmas. 10 x 2 = 20.

Summer double decay is over, so it goes back to default.

Whoever did it, accidentally missed a 0. A small mistake with massive consequences.


Yes put it om a constant 20-30 day!

Yes… that’s the whole point of my feedback post … mistakes happen if you make more work for yourselves … stop! Stop changing the decay timers and set them permanent … to say … 15 days … and never touch them again … no need

The number is irrelevant … 10 15 … 20 30 … just pick a number and stick with it … stop changing it!!!

And you owe me 70 level 20 Thralls … how am I gonna get those back???

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I think you will find that @DeaconElie is neither 14 years old or uneducated. @Wolven

All hobbies are time sinks.

Wolven, I’m 63, and have been playing video games as long as there have been video games. I have an associate in computer operations and reading vocable at a college graduate level.
I have been playing Conan exiles since it dropped and have started over from scratch a few dozen times. I’ve done everything in game a couple times, finished it once; waste of a good character. I’m well aware of how long it takes to do EVERYTHING in game.

Have you found all the lore stones/tablets?

I used to build 1/72 scale WWI scouts. Full paint, complete rigging, detailed. Took me a couple weeks to build one. The models cost real money, as did the paints and detail kits. You know what I did with them when I was done? Tossed them on the stack in the tote in the closet. I wasn’t building them to display them, there was no fun in that. Same with Conan.

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