Indicator strip

I don’t know how to do it, but I’m annoyed by the midnent indicator strip when it comes out.
It would be so super if you had a counter like the expiration of meals, potions, etc.


Not sure what you mean by “midnent indicator strip”, is this a typo, or could you maybe provide a screenshot to clarify? :man_shrugging:

I’m thinking of this strip.
If it were a counter then I wouldn’t have to look at it all the time, but I know when it will be ready, especially in the last few minutes, when the eye senses it at the end it is not.


Ooooh ok! Yes that would be a very welcome change, IMO!


OoooooH! I so desperately want this! I have spent many minutes waiting for a bar that is so close but I never know exactly how long? This feature would be welcome on ALL progress meters in game! Especially the thrall and pet crafting.



I totally agree.

Even if I think maybe they used a strip to avoid long timers, like the ones of thralls, ovverride when in the queue there is more than one.

I would dispose that mix of inventory abomination all together. :joy:

I would do this…

  • incorporate the craft queue directly to replace the quick inventory window
    (allows to pull ready items directly from here)

  • replace the current crafting indicator, the white bar, with your idea of item timers
    (server option on / off)

  • add quick buttons for each material for each bench that needs them so we can have a way to add materials from our inventories and nearby containers without opening our inventories
    (spot and drop navigation is a mess)

  • instead of the current inventory window pairing, each time one accesses a bench they would be greeted by a bench specific recipe window only
    (no need to show our inventory here)

  • highlighting a recipe would change the huge tooltip on the right to explain the schematics of the item and how it works
    (offers valuable insight mini-game)


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